Why Green is the Future


First Published on ‘The Road to Batley Market’, 6th November 2011


As I have posted elsewhere [1], I left The Labour Party recently to join The Green Party.

This decision was made up partly by looking at the 2010 Manifestos from the different parties. One thing really stood out – The Green Party should be much more popular than it is.

Anthony Wells, of UK Polling Report, recently wrote an article [2] on support for the smaller parties. Using Yougov’s methodology The Green Party is supported by around 2-3% of the population.

The Green Party no doubt suffers from an image problem with many people. The media concentrates on the big three parties, and being outside that tent results in almost zero publicity. I would fully imagine that many electors would consider the Greens a rather strange minority party. Most people would think Greens are basically an environmental issue party, with little else to say on other voters concerns.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

When The Green Party 2010 Manifesto  [3]is analysed, I think it is broad and deep. To be blunt, it is a Manifesto that much of The Labour Party membership would have been cooing over.

The measures contained really chime with the view of the progressive left, cast adrift from Labour by New Labour. Due to their part  in the Coalition Government we have, the Liberal Democrats are surely a busted flush for the progressive left for a generation. This group broadly sees the root cause of the issues facing the world as a flawed economic system that drives ever greater inequality. This system destroys democratic localism and hands power to ever distant group of technocrats. The second global collapse in recent years, and the inability of the system to fix itself,  is clear evidence to a growing number of people who believe a total rethink of how we run our economy is required.

The Green Party has policies based on a critique of the world we live in. Ideas considered fantastical a decade ago are now becoming increasing relevant.

No revolutionary idea was ever instantly popular or accepted by the majority at conception. It takes courage to fight for tomorrow’s ideas today.  The Green Party have long campaigned for an economic system based on protecting the world we live in. They have long campaigned for democratic localism. They have long campaigned for increased equality and a fairer society.

If any one doubts there is an alternative to the exploitative, anti-democratic, unfair and environmentally destructive capitalism that runs our lives, take a look at the Greens.

I believe their time has come.


[1] https://think-left.org/2011/10/30/a-letter-to-ed-miliband/

[2] http://ukpollingreport.co.uk/blog/archives/4230

[3] http://www.greenparty.org.uk/assets/files/resources/Manifesto_web_file.pdf