UK suffers worst double-dipstick chancellor in 50 years


Britain’s chancellor George Osborne’s economic competence collapsed by 0.7% in the second quarter of 2012 as the country’s double-dipstick chancellor of the exchequer’s ineptitude extended into a third quarter. A unique combination of across-the-board weakness in ability and proficiency coupled with a weakening … Continue reading

Simon says: QE is the biggest confidence trick of all time.


Simon (Jenkins) says ‘QE is the biggest confidence trick of all time’: ‘It is a cheat, a scam, a fiddle, a bankers’ ramp, a revenge of big money against an ungrateful world. It is called quantitative easing, and nobody has … Continue reading

Cut out Cuts – Leave the Eton Mess Behind


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Jim Grundy The 0.7% second-quarter fall in GDP in 2012 brings a calamitous verdict on George Osborne’s policy, with the UK economy now smaller than it was in 2010, and double-dip recession longer than in the 1970s. The latest bad … Continue reading

A Modern Jubilee: How to End the Recession.


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A Modern Jubilee: How to End the Recession  According to Economist Steve Keen By CJ Stone, previously published on HubPages As we all know, this was the year of the Queen’s Jubilee. How can anyone have failed to notice? Have … Continue reading

The Fight for Remploy Factories


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by David Harney – Reblogged from 19.07.12 THE FIGHT FOR REMPLOY! May 2010…Just how many of us I wonder, could contemplate what a Conservative led coalition government actually would mean for you & me?  Or for millions of others, who just happen to … Continue reading