John C Dyer’s Open Letter to the Politically Discouraged


An open letter to the dearly discouraged of Britain

I do not know what signals the excellent John Charles Dyer, UK Correspondent of Whirled View, had picked up when he published his ‘Open letter to the dearly discouraged of Britain’ on 2nd July .. but it certainly chimed with my feelings.

To cheer myself up, I am reblogging John’s letter but the full post can be read here.  The open letter is especially addressed to the politically discouraged, marginalised, exhausted and abused of Britain.

Dearly discouraged:

Press on.

In a fight, it is the cumulative effect of body blows that most often brings the knock out.

Having been both fixer and the fixed for many – too many – years, let me assure you it can be done.

You will not see the knockout. It will take place behind closed doors over 1-3 brief exchanges of punctuated and pointed words and body language. It will happen something like this:

1)      The Prime Minister will turn to the embattled Culture Secretary in Cabinet as if the Secretary is the only person in the room and say, “can’t you get those bl***d* old @&£^  on Twitter out of my hair?”  The Secretary will resign.

2)      The Prime Minister will turn to the Chancellor and Business Secretary in Cabinet as if they are the only persons in the room and say, “It’s hurting, but it isn’t working.”  We will have a Plan B.

3)      The Prime Minister will turn to his strategic Housing Secretary in Cabinet as if this operative is the only person in the room, and say, “I want the spilt milk off my plate. Fix it. Now.”  A new team will conduct a new strategy more responsive to the people than the current.

The government will redirect.  It will declare victory as it move sideways in a U. But it will be your effort, your values that will have won.  However much they want you to think they don’t care what you think, they do.  I’ve been there. Admittedly not against the Eton Wall Game. But regardless of game, what the public thinks does matter to our political leaders.

However little acknowledgement they give your contribution, you will have contributed. You will have won … the battle.

But a caution against celebrating when that time comes.  it won’t be over even with a complete change to suit your values. It won’t be over if they fall and a new Party comes to power.

It is never over. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

So take a deep breath. Take a shower. Do whatever you do to regroup.

And never say, “I quit.”

With thanks to Mr Dyer.