Thom Hartmann describes Osborne’s vision for the UK


The Middle Class Decline – It all began with Reagan*


Published on Jul 19, 2012
Thom Hartmann rants about the decline of the US middle class and how he believes it all began under former President Ronald Reagan and his failed economic policies.

Contrary the usual assumption, the US is not the richest country. It is only 15th in the global ranking of median wages… but the combined wealth of the richest 400 Americans is greater than the combined wealth of the poorest 50%.

It is clear that the Tory/LD government’s intention is to take the UK as far down the road of emulating the US as they can.  Assessment of George Osborne’s Comprehensive Spending Review (October 2010) indicated that if all his proposed cuts were implemented, spending in the UK would be less than that of the US by 2014/15.  See also  Soylent Green, George Osborne and Plutonomy.

*  It all began with Mrs Thatcher as far as we in the UK are concerned!  But the wider truth is that Regan and Thatcher were just the willing puppets, not the puppet-masters.