It’s not what you know, It’s where you live.


Young people leaving school today have hopes and dreams. Dick Whittington may have left to go to London to seek his fortune, and slept rough. That is no longer desirable or sensible in a modern world. Too many people dwell on a few square miles of England. What of the rest of us? The cost of housing in the South East continues to rise yet house prices fall elsewhere. It is becoming increasingly difficult for ordinary workers to maintain a lifestyle in the South East, where elsewhere unemployment soars, especially for young people.  Recent reports of a fall in unemployment in the London area attributed to the effects of the Olympic Games are not reflected elsewhere.

Yahoo news Unemployment has fallen to its lowest level for a year after a big jump in the number of people in work, especially in London, suggesting a jobs boost because of the Olympic Games.

However, this does not reflect the unemployment prospects of the nation as a whole. Indeed, a  recent study by Ambitious Minds reveals that the North South divide is widening and young people in the North East and in Scotland face the greatest hardship and poorest job prospects. It is not a matter to build more and more homes in the South East, already suffering water shortages this year, and rising transport costs. Investment should be targeted at those areas of high unemployment where poverty is rising.

The BBC reports one is six young people, not in education , employment or training.

This interactive map from the Guardian shows in which areas young people 16-24 are claiming most benefits, as of July 2012.

Yahoo News:

School leavers are set to face a postcode lottery in finding jobs, as youth unemployment soars in parts of the UK, a study suggests.

It argues that there is now a north-south divide, with youngsters in the North East and Scotland facing the worst prospects.

At the same time, London and the South East remain relatively unaffected by youth unemployment, according to a study by education specialists Ambitious Minds.

The study warns that teenagers who are picking up their GCSE results this week have seen the most “dramatic” changes to their prospects and expectations than any other secondary school year group for 70 years.

The North East, Scotland and Yorkshire and the Humber have all had rises in youth unemployment that are twice as large as those in London and the South East, which have seen only small increases, it claims.

Overall, the North East of England had seen the biggest rises. In September 2007, 5.1% of 16-to-24-year-olds in the region were claiming jobseekers’ allowance. By July 2012 this had risen to 8.6% – an increase of 3.5 percentage points.

The Independent also cites  studies from the Nominet Trust

A study for the Nominet Trust charity revealed a “postcode lottery” for the life chances of youngsters.

The data showed that young people in Erdington, Birmingham, were more than three times as likely to be unemployed as youngsters in South Kensington, London.

Teenagers in Harrogate were seven times as likely to go to an elite university than their counterparts in Bradford, just 20 miles away, said the report.

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