BBC executives deny claims of NHS abuse by government ministers were open secret



Two former senior BBC TV executives have denied claims that news of top government ministers abusing public sector workers such as police officers and NHS staff as well as hospital patients were regularly covered up and an open secret at the corporation.

Peter Rippon, a BBC entertainment executive in charge of BBC News and Newsnight, said he never received any complaint or warning about cabinet members sickening behaviour towards the disabled and helpless patients who are too sick or ill to defend themselves.

Nick Robinson, the BBC1′s political correspondent, also told the Guardian he had never heard of any rumours or complaints by the disabled that they were regularly being abused by a perverted ring of Liberal Democrat and Conservative MPs who are accused of taking away any means of support so they can then take sick pleasure in watching them starve.

Mr Robinson claimed he had never even met any politicians during his period at the BBC as he was too busy making up stories to protect the government from criticism.

Rippon, the BBC’s head of TV political variety before he became head of light westminister entertainment, told the Guardian:

There is so much talk about rumours, but I can tell you that neither from external sources or internally, neither by nods and winks or by innuendo, did I receive any scintilla whatsoever that the NHS and the disabled were being abused in this way by government ministers. In fact I can categorically state that until a few days ago, I had never even heard of the NHS. Is that where poor people go to get cured?


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