Dennis Skinner’s Incredible Speech for the People 16th April 2013


Dennis Skinner Speaks for the People  

  • This week we have heard many speak about a woman who divided a nation.
  • Then we see great politicians representing the people as they were elected to do:
  • Dennis Skinner spoke for the people in parliament 16/4/13.
  • Glenda Jackson has also moved many by her speech.  
  • We have our parliament back.

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Dear Esther McVey, your ‘facts’ aren’t True!


 Hat-tip from Jayne Linney Dear Esther McVey, your ‘facts’ aren’t True!  Dear Esther McVey MP We the undersigned have been shocked and appalled at you and your Minister’s persistent use of dubious facts and statistics regarding DLA. We ask that … Continue reading