The deepening European Crisis


First posted Tuesday, 21 May 2013 at Socialist Economic Bulletin THE DEEPENING EUROPEAN CRISIS By Michael Burke The economies of the European Union and the Euro Area both contracted in the 1st quarter of 2013.  The renewed contraction in GDP began … Continue reading

The Ultimate Theft


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How Britain’s Family Silver was Stolen Through Open Doors  The Ultimate Theft Growing up in the fifties it was customary to leave the back door open in many homes. Friends and neighbours would pop in and out, sharing resources and … Continue reading

On the Road to Recovery..


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On The Road To Recovery  by Trevor Bacon I nearly stood there holding the paper up high to proclaim my utter contempt at the headline. My habit when entering a supermarket is to first, after getting the obligatory metal basket … Continue reading

Cameron and Co demonstrate the Art of Disaster Politics


  Naomi Klein’s book ‘Disaster Capitalism – Shock doctrine’ describes how a ‘disaster’ is utilized, perpetuated and even manufactured, to get policy change or to reframe events – changes which would not be possible unless the population was in a … Continue reading

Labour is hard work


Labour is hard work First posted on May 21, 2013 by julijuxtaposed   In 2010 I became sick of always being cynical and decided to opt for healthy scepticism to coincide with the formation of a Coalition Government. It was a new day: … Continue reading

Osborne says he won’t take us back to Square One – We never left…


Osborne says he won’t take us back to square one. We never left by alittleecon George Osborne has been coming under increasing pressure to change course of his austerity strategy. Even the IMF – who originally backed austerity – have deserted him. … Continue reading

“Tories ousted by Labour coup?” Worcester or Westminster?


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Tories Ousted? What Coup? ….Westminster or Worcester….? Something interesting happened recently in Worcester – The Labour Party, Lib Dems and Greens formed a coalition and ousted the Conservative leader who had led the council for seven years. This was because … Continue reading