How Shifty Osborne (and now Cameron) Evade the Fracking Truth!


How Shifty Osborne Evade ( and now Cameron) Evade  the Fracking Truth!

Don’t Frack our Future: Doreen’s story.

This excellent video from Frack Off puts the fracking issue in perspective.

Please share this widely. Fracking could be coming your way…. The government are “investing” millions of pounds of money in order to discredit the scientific argument which warns against the dangers of fracking. This is money which could be much better spent on renewable energy.

  • This video shows the underhand activity of the conservatives trying to undermine the coalition agreement on tackling climate change.

  • This yet again, raises the question of why are the LDs supporting the Tories to dismantle, and privatise for profit, everything that was good about the UK?

The coalition government cut the feed-in-tariffs for photovoltaic solar energy. Why has the government not invested in PV in schools, hospitals and all public buildings, and helped reduce energy bills? Why has the government recently announced its intention to provide tax breaks for fracking, while solar PV companies are failing? Why, in the same month as the tax breaks are announced have the planned cuts to feed-in tariff been brought forward? Is it that corrupt conservatives can’t get their hands on the sun?

Despite installations in the 0-50kW range falling short of the stated capacity triggers, the 0-4kW, 4-10kW, 10-50kW will all degress by 3.5% as a result of the controversial automatic degression model that the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) included as part of the revised feed-in tariff.

Many in the industry had been expecting the feed-in tariff rates to be changed from 1 August in line with the regular quarterly reviews. However, DECC moved the reference date forward one month to 1 July. Industry reacted angrily to the changing of reference dates due to the lack of warning or formal announcement

Yet in the same week as Cameron’s aide Lynton Crosby is linked to the fracking industry, the massive tax cuts to fracking industry is announced. Even Tory Peter Lilley has said the tax breaks are unnecessary. Just what is fracking going on? If Cameron has any explanations, we would like to hear them.

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