Reasons to support the teachers’ strike #teacherROAR


Why should you support the teachers’ strike.

Please take your time to consider why teachers in England are taking industrial action on 1st October and again on 17th October.  Teachers have not taken this decision lightly – morale in the profession is at an all-time low. They have witnessed a destructive onslaught and systematic demolition of the education system, breaking up of local education authorities, forced academisation, attacks on pensions, removal of national pay-scales, increased workloads,  perpetual interference  of examination structures and the curriculum which are detrimental to education. Teachers are speaking out against the policies from the Coalition government which have damaged their livelihoods, and the lives of the children  they teach. This is a time for solidarity. Please support the strike. (Twitter hashtag is #teacherRoar)

The article reproduced below was published on “Teacher ROAR” blog, and comprehensively explains why the decision taken to strike is understandable, justifiable, and commendable) Now is not the time to attack those who are speaking out, but those in government who have caused such wilful destruction, for political and ideological purposes.


Tomorrow teachers in some regions of England will go on strike. This is the second in a series of proposed strikes by two teaching unions, the NUT and the NASUWT, who between them represent over 90% of serving teachers.

That they are striking together is significant. Historically the two unions have been rivals and relationships between them have often been fractious. What has caused them to put their decades of differences aside and work together? It can be summed up in one word:


This can’t be said often enough. Striking is a last resort. No one wants to go on strike. Teachers lose a day’s pay, and know that they will be accused of wanting the day off, of being lazy, of not caring about kids, or deliberately inconveniencing parents. Striking is something you only do when you have explored all other avenues and found them blocked off.But Gove has united teachers in a feeling that a stand has to be made and, since he won’t sit down and negotiate with the unions, we are taking strike action.So what’s it all about? Well, where do we start? First of all Gove has announced that he wants teachers to work longer, pay more and get less for their pension than they agreed when they started the job.So what, I hear you say. People are living longer, it’s a time of austerity and the country can’t afford to pay out for your “gold-plated” pensions. Them’s the breaks, right?

No. For a start our pension scheme has had £43 billion more paid into it than has ever been taken out. Let me repeat that. FORTY. THREE. BILLION. POUNDS. more has gone into our pension pot, paid for by serving teachers, than has ever been taken out by retired teachers. Our pension doesn’t need any input from the taxpayer to make it affordable for years to come, it’s fine as it is.
The increased pension contributions that Gove has demanded we pay combined with the pay freeze over the past few years means that, by April next year teachers will have had a 15% pay cut in real terms since 2010. That’s a FIFTEEN PERCENT paycut. We simply can’t sustain such an attack on our wages.

And teaching is a physical job. Carrying heavy boxes of books around a school, standing all day, crouching down next to desks to offer help, standing on desks to pin up displays, intervening in physical altercations – these are all a daily part of teachers lives. Keeping 30 children focused and on task for the best part of six hours a day takes enthusiasm and energy. It’s mentally and physically demanding and while most teachers say they will struggle to make it to 65, Gove is now insisting they go on until 68.  The cynical might say that, of course, he knows that’s simply impossible and means that many teachers will be forced to take early retirement, thereby losing many thousands of pounds from a pension that they have worked hard for for years, often decades.

Workload is another issue.  While Gove would like to maintain that teachers waltz in at 9, leave at 3, and sun themselves on beaches for six weeks in the summer the reality is very different.Any teacher will tell you that a typical day starts nearer to seven, doesn’t finish until well after 6, that breaks during the day are non-existent and that weekends and holidays are taken up with marking and planning. And that’s for more experienced teachers. These days tales of newly qualified teachers being at school until nine or ten at night and then going in again on the weekend are not uncommon. Which is why there is such a high burnout rate in teaching. And Gove wants us to do more. While most teachers need the holidays to keep on top of their workload, remind their family and friends what they look like, and physically and mentally recuperate, Gove says we should have shorter holidays and stay in school for longer so that we can have additional meetings and supervise after-school sessions. But all of this, the pay cut, the stolen pension, the increased workload, he might have got away with all of this were it not for his devastating onslaught on education.

Amongst other things he’s
·         Removed the Educational Maintenance allowance that allowed poorer students to stay on into further education
·         Done nothing to reduce the trebling of tuition fees
·         Narrowed the curriculum into something one academic has called neo-Victorian
·         Removed the need for schools to employ qualified teachers
·         Stopped the schools modernisation programme and diverted the money into free schools often in places where there is no need
·         Destroyed university based initial teacher training so they we are now facing a significant shortage of teachers in key subjects
·         Created a schools places crisis
·         Refused to listen to the advice of the profession
·         Refused to implement policies based on evidence and research
·         Constantly denigrated teachers
Teachers have had enough. They’ve had enough of the attacks on their pay, on their pensions and their working conditions. But most of all they’ve had enough of the attacks on education.

It’s time to stand up for education.

It’s time to stand up for teachers.

Please support the strikes. 

Top Five Banks are Fuelling Climate Change


Top Five banks are Fuelling Climate Change   

Campaigners are calling for UK companies to make public the carbon emissions of the fossil fuel extraction they finance, as well as having to report their direct carbon emissions. Under new rules coming into force tomorrow (October 1st) firms must disclose information such as energy use and petrol consumption in their annual reports.  

Liz Murray, campaigner at the World Development Movement, said

RBS’s true carbon footprint dwarfs the emissions not just of Scotland where it is headquartered but of the whole of the UK. And RBS is just one example. All of the UK’s big banks are fuelling climate change by financing the continued extraction of coal, oil and gas around the world, and they are not going to quit unless they are forced to by regulation. We need tough government action to wean the UK finance sector off dirty energy, and making banks come clean on the emissions from the fossil fuels they finance would be the first step.

– See more at: 

The anti-poverty campaigning group, the World Development Movement says the UK’s top 5 banks helped fossil fuel companies raise £170 billion between 2010 and 2012. They want this limited, to reduce climate change. Sarah Lockett reports.

World Development Movement campaigner Jane Herbstritt said:

“Edinburgh’s financial sector makes up 8% of the Scottish workforce, and manages around £750 billion in assets annually. Clearly such a powerful and influential sector could be making a really positive contribution in our transition towards a green global economy, but instead it continues to invest heavily in fossil fuels. High street banks like RBS and Barclays are financing multi-national companies involved in large-scale coal, oil and gas projects that displace local communities and threaten the global climate. We intend to show people living in Edinburgh that these investments are taking place right under their noses, using their money. We also want to show that there are positive solutions out there, and that people can take action to change things.”

See also WDM’s recent research calculating the carbon footprint of the Royal Bank of Scotland, when its loans to fossil fuel companies around the world are taken into account: –

See also

David Cameron’s Lies Exposed!


David Cameron’s Lies Exposed!

By Gracie Samuels, previously published here

On this page I am going to try and accumulate all Cameron’s lies (I know, I know it is a mammoth task and a dirty job – but someone’s got to do it!) I just hope I don’t run out of space! You can’t leave posts on this page like on the main blog page, however, if you wish me to include a particular lie, or think I may have missed one  please email me on  or just leave it in a post on the main page in the latest blog and I’ll transfer it over here. 

David Cameron’s Tory led government is guilty of disinformation, he and his cronies are deliberately misleading the people of this country.

How can we trust and believe a single word that David Cameron utters any more?

Disinformation Defined – Deliberately misleading information announced publicly or leaked by a government in order to influence public opinion.

        David Cameron’s Lies Exposed!    

In his address to the Tory party conference Wednesday 10th October 2012, Cameron claimed that his government had created over one million jobs in the private sector, this is a complete lie and a complete fabrication and misrepresentation of the truth.

  • Around 200,000 of that million are straight forward reclassification of people who work in further education and have simply been reclassified from public sector workers to private sector workers.
  • Hundreds of thousands more are part time workers; temporary workers; self employed; under employed.

Cameron, Osborne and Clegg have destroyed more then 500,000 public sector workers (police, nurses, midwives, teachers, teaching assistants, lolly pop ladies, caretakers, elderly care wardens, educational welfare officers, family liaison officers, social workers etc etc) and there is another half a million to follow, and on top of that Osborne has announced another £16bn in cuts, which will greatly impinge not only on the weakest, poorest, disabled and unemployed etc, it will heavily impinge of the staff employed in our vital services, which means disruption of services in YOUR schools – YOUR hospitals – YOUR elderly care – YOUR local public services and YOUR local economy.

Don’t be taken in by Cameron and his lies and deliberate misleading and misrepresentation and do not be fooled, look at every thing he and this lying hideous government say and understand it for exactly what it is – Disinformation.

Disinformation Defined – Deliberately misleading information announced publicly or leaked by a government in order to influence public opinion.

       David Cameron’s Lies Exposed!         


Wednesday 26th January 2012.

Cameron guilty of telling FOUR LIES in the space of 30 minutes in Prime Minister Question Time in the House of Commons.

Lie 1)…..”there are more people in work now than at the last election”

TRUTH – at that time employment figures from the independent Office for National Statistics show that the number in work has fallen by 26,000 since May 2010.

Total employment for full-time, part-time and temporary workers in May-July 2010 was 29,145,000, but the number fell to 29,119,000 for September-November 2011.
Mr Cameron bluntly denied that the Government’s welfare reforms would slash benefits to disabled children. Answering a question from Labour MP Anne McGuire about cuts to disabled children’s benefits, he told her she was:

Lie 2)…..”just plain Wrong”

TRUTH – Anne McGuire is correct to state that some disabled children’s benefits are being reduced by over £1,300 a year For those who children who do not qualify for the highest rate DLA care component, their entitlement will fall by £26.75 per week. According to page 28 of the Department for Work and Pensions’ impact assessment on the introduction of the new universal credit says the rate paid to disabled children will fall from £53.84 to £26.75 a week.

Lie 3)……When asked by Ed Miliband why so many health care professionals were against the Health & Social Care [Bill] Cameron replied by quoting a doctor in  Ed Miliband’s constituency of Doncaster, using “Doncaster” GP Dr Greg Conner to defend his NHS reforms.

TRUTH – His comments were highly duplicitous as Cameron failed to mention that Dr Conner’s remarks were made when he was chairman of the Doncaster clinical commissioning group – a position he no longer holds, as he left in 2011……………..

Cameron moves on to answer to a “planted question by Conservative MP Paul Maynard, Cameron said;

 Lie 4)……“the real shame… that there are so many millions of children who live in households where nobody works and indeed that number doubled under the previous government”. 

TRUTH – In fact, according to the Office for National Statistics, the number of children living in workless households fell by 372,000 between April-June 1997 and April-June 2010.


April 2010 – When in oppositionand shortly before the 2010 general election Cameron promised:

“no more top down reorganisation of the NHS”

TRUTH- This was a straight and blatant lie! The Tories’ attempt to dismantle the NHS has been a long time in the planning.

Back in 2005 Andrew Lansley made a speech to the NHS Confederation spelling out Conservative priorities for the NHS. These included privatisation, a pro-competition regulator and the delegation of NHS budgets to GPs. The building blocks of the Health and Social Care Bill were there from the very first days of Cameron’s leadership of the Tory party. He knew this, both he and Andrew Lansley had been planning the biggest reforms in the NHS in its 63 year old history.
What we now have is a health service which is a shambolic and incomprehensible mess, with the confusion heightened by the plethora of amendments which were  thrown into the Health & Social Care Bill (now an Act)  in a desperate attempt by the Tories to keep the Lib Dems on board. In fact Cameron and Lansley need not have worried, the Liberal Democrats voted with the government for the destruction and privatisation of the NHS. Now in late 2012 and before the Health & Social Care Act is fully implemented  the NHS is showing serious fault lines of collapse.

September 2010 Cameron said:

Royal Colleges of General Practitioners, Physicians and Nursing “all supported” his health reforms. September, 2010. 

TRUTH – All three oppose the reforms.
JUNE 2011 Cameron said:

“We will not endanger universal coverage — we will make sure it remains a National Health Service.”

TRUTH –  The health service has already begun breaking up into local GP commissioning groups.
Cameron said: 

Reforms were needed as there were 5,000-10,000 needless cancer deaths a year compared to other EU countries.

TRUTH –  The NHS has helped achieve the biggest drop in cancer deaths among 10 leading countries.
March 2011 Cameron said:

“We are not reorganising the bureaucracy of the NHS, we are abolishing bureaucracy”.

TRUTH – The NHS will be saddled with even MORE bureaucracy with hundreds of new bodies set up to replace sacked managers.

Before 2010 general election David Cameron promised 3,000 more midwives

TRUTH – Since the general election, nurses and midwives have been downbanded, working harder for less, and midwives in training have been reduced by 3% a year.

Conservative Manifesto 2010 – Cameron said;

“We will increase health spending every year.” 

TRUTH – A Nuffield Trust study shows a “real terms reduction of at least 0.5% in NHS spending is expected over the next four years”.
Cameron Lying and using Disinformation on NHS

Cameron also said that waiting times for operations, out patient appointments have fallen, this is another lie where Cameron is deliberately misleading the public by deliberately misrepresenting the facts, it is the Tories using disinformation – again.

TRUTH – The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has condemned NHS trusts in England for changing the criteria for operations, leading to some patients being taken off operation waiting lists.

This is how Cameron is able to claim waiting times are falling when they are not.

Some trusts have “re-categorised” patients as no longer needing surgery.
Without consultation patients initially assessed as needing operations have subsequently been re-categorised as no longer in need of surgery – meaning they effectively vanish from waiting list statistics. This gives a completely false picture of “falling waiting lists”.
Patients are being teargassed without another in person consultation and are then being sent letters and informed they have been removed from the waiting lists.
RCS president Prof Norman Williams says the practice is “outrageous” and “worrying”.
Why would consultant surgeons put hundreds of people on waiting lists for operations they thought they didn’t need?
The government have ordered NHS trust to promote patient rationing, if fewer patients are being referred for surgery then waiting lists will be kept artificially low, this is very worrying for the health of the nation.
Creeping rationing of NHS care in England is making patients suffer unnecessarily, doctors are warning.
People needing knee and hip replacements are having to wait longer in pain for operations, the British Medical Association says.
And relatively minor treatments – such as varicose vein removal – are being scrapped altogether, medics at the BMA’s annual GP conference will say.
In reality waiting times in the NHS overall have risen by 34%
2007 Cameron  said:

“We will save the maternity and A&E units at Chase Farm hospital, London.” 

TRUTH –  Health Secretary announced the units would be downgraded last November and will lose key services.
      Winter Fuel Allowance     

March 23 2010 – David Cameron in Leadership live TV broadcast said that he;

 “would not cut Pensioners Winter Fuel Allowance”.

“You know you are getting letters from the Labour Party that say the Conservatives would cut the winter fuel allowance, would cut the free bus travel …These statements by Labour are quite simply lies. I don’t use the word ‘lie’ very often, but I am using it today because they are lies.” 

TRUTH – In 2011 pensioners aged 60 – 79 had their winter fuel payments cut by £50 and pensioners aged 80 plus had their winter fuel allowance cut by £100.

David Cameron’s Debate Lies 2010
David Cameron EU Referendum Lies

2nd May 2010 on the Andrew Marr Show David Cameron said that:

“they [the Tories] were the first party to say that public spending would have to be reduced. We were the first to say that it was an unsustainable path”

TRUTH – No they were not in fact late into 2008 Cameron and Osborne were promising to match the then Labour Government’s spending plans “pound for pound”. It wasn’t until Alistair Darling the then Labour chancellor started talking about “sustainable cuts” to halve the deficit over 4 years to protect the economy that Cameron and Osborne suddenly changed their minds.

May 2nd 2010; Cameron said  that;

 they were the first to talk about a public sector pay freze :

TRUTH – Labour’s then chancellor Alistair Darling had already spoken about the necessity for a future public sector pay freeze in July 2008.

May 2010 – Three days before the election,Cameron said on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show

“any cabinet minister … who comes to me and says; ‘Here are my plans’ and they involve frontline reductions, they’ll be sent straight back to their department to go away and think again”. 

TRUTH – £81bn in cuts have now rained down on frontline services and now we can expect another £16bn worth of cuts on top of those.

2010 just a month prior to the general election Cameron was asked if VAT would rise.  Cameron said;

 Our plans involve cutting wasteful spending … our plans don’t involve an increase in VAT.

TRUTH – In Osborne’s first ’emergency’ budget he raised VAT by 2.5% to a massive 20%, which has helped crush demand for goods and helped push the country into the worse and deepest double dip recession since the war.

March 2010 – Two months before the election, Cameron said on universal child benefit:

 “I wouldn’t change child benefit, I wouldn’t means test it, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” 

TRUTH –  Child benefit is to be means tested and those earning £44,000 per year will have their benefit stopped, while those couples claiming benefit can earn £80,000 between them and get to keep all their benefit.

2010 –  In reply to Ed Balls accusation that the Tories would scrap Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) Cameron and Michael Gove said that they:

“will not scrap Educational Maintenance Allowance”

TRUTH – In Osborne’s 2010 spending review it was announced that EMA would be scrapped.

2010 – Tax credits. Cameron promised

” to cut them only for families on £50,000″

TRUTH – the Tories 2011 budget book shows families with an income of just £30,000 will lose all credits.


2010 – Cameron promised a

bigger army for a safer Britain

TRUTH – The army alone is now to lose at least 20,000 soldiers.

2010 – Prior to may general election David Cameron, vehement in his criticism of the then Labour government demanded more Chinook helicopters for operations in Afghanistan. Disgracefully Cameron and then shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox would accuse the Labour government of being  out of touch and imply that their actions were causing deaths of troops in Afghanisatan. They claimed that the lack of helicopters in Afghanistan was “scandalous” and accused the Labour government of a lack of “commitment and focus” on the issue.

TRUTH – From November 2006, the number of helicopter hours in Afghanistan rose by 137%, providing greater flexibility for commanders planning operations. In December 2009, as part of the new Future Rotary Wing Strategy, the Labour government announced the procurement of 22 new-build Chinook helicopters with the first 10 being delivered in 2012 and 2013, in time to add greater flexibility for operations in Afghanistan. Merlin helicopters were redeployed in Afghanistan and the fleet expanded by 25%. Improvements were made to Sea King helicopters to allow them to operate in Afghanistan, up-rated engines for the entire Lynx Mk8 fleet to enhance operations and greater availability of Chinooks for training to allow for more effective deployment.

Whilst there is a clear recognition that government can always do more to increase capabilities, the last Labour government should be rightly proud of its record.
Prior May 2010 – Cameron & Tory defence hypocrisy. Demanded more helicopters for operations in Afghanistan.
TRUTH – now in government the Tories have cut the order for Chinook helicopters by almost half, and as a result of the delay in placing the order they will be too late to have a real impact in Afghanistan, if the Prime Minister’s withdrawal timetable is to be adhered to. Having demanded more helicopters whilst in Opposition and having welcomed our decision to procure 22 new helicopters, the Tories have performed a huge volte face in government; a theme which is coming to define Cameron’s premiership. It is now emerging that according to things going to plan in Afghanistan “better than expected” troops may be brought home early. While this is desirable, I am minded to think this has more to do with this incompetent government’s cock-up over the Chinook helicopter order than it does anything else!
Of course, the announcement of 14 new Chinook helicopters should be welcomed. However, we should also expose the stunning hypocrisy of the Tories on defence. They spent hours and hours in opposition hammering the government and talking very tough on defence. Now they’re in government, the Tories are proving, yet again, to be very weak indeed. It should also not go unnoticed that for all their fanfare of announcements the Tories are ordering LESS helicopters than the previous Labour government to be delivered at a LATER date!
Cameron and his various Defence Secretaries accused Labour of a;

“defence budget “black hole”

TRUTH – It was the Tories, who left the incoming Labour government in 1997 a smaller defence budget in real terms to the one it inherited in 1979 AND A £28billion black hole which they now like to pretend never happened.
        LAW & ORDER         

2010 Tory Manifesto When in opposition Cameron said;

“under my government anyone who is caught with a knife will face imprisonment”

TRUTH – In 2009, when Cameron promised that a Tory government would jail anyone found with a knife, 27% of those caught were sent to prison. After 2 years of Cameron’s Tory led government that figure has now fallen to just 25%.

May 2010 – A few days before the general election, David Cameron famously promised that “Any Cabinet minister, if we win the election, who comes to me and says;

‘here are my plans and they involve front line reductions’ will be sent back to their department to go away and think again.” 

TRUTH  The official figures show that police numbers in the 43 forces in England and Wales have fallen by 9,625 since the general election and are more than on track to meet reliable estimates that the current round of public spending cuts will lead to a loss of at least 15,000 officers by 2015 and will probably be nearer 16,000 fewer police.
The report, based on detailed investigation of individual forces’ plans, estimates that 16,200 police officers will be cut between 2010 and 2015.
This entirely undoes Labour’s investment between 2000 and 2010 when CRIME FELL by 43%. This government are taking police numbers back to 1997 levels, (the numbers that Tories had previously reduced them to, and when crime had more than doubled under the Tory government).
2009/2010 Cameron Accused Labour Government of profligacy
TRUTH – The last budget before the financial crisis in 2007 put the structural deficit at just 3% (or 1% if borrowing to invest is stripped out). Most of the debt we have today came from dealing with the crisis, propping up the banks and the economy as tax revenue slumped.
The Tories weren’t denouncing this as reckless at the time, as they can do so easily now. Quite the opposite. They promised to match Labour’s spending pound for pound until late 2008. If Labour are guilty of failing to save for a rainy day then the Tories are guilty of supporting them.
May 2010;  Cameron and Osborne accuse Labour of leaving economic mess.
TRUTH – Labour handed the economy over to the Tories in *RECOVERY* and in strengthening growth (it isn’t now, thanks to Cameron, Osborne and Alexander’s mishandling of the economy we are in the deepest longest double dip recession since WW11).
Cameron and Osborne said that the IMF back their plans
TRUTH – The IMF expects the UK economy to shrink by 0.4pc this year, instead of grow by 0.2pc as it expected in July.
2011 House of Commons PMQs when challenged about the mess of the economy by Ed Miliband,  David Cameron said of the economy;

“we are over the worse”

      Clean Up Politics     
Cameron promised to clean up politics
TRUTH  Despite the rhetoric, David Cameron’s promise to clean up the political system is not backed up with meaningful action.
Although both the other main parties have signed up to a statutory register of lobbyists, the Conservatives remain committed to self regulation.
In fact since the election (and before) The Conservative party has been embroiled in several serious financial scandals, which has rendered riddled with sleaze in just 2.5 years.
Peter Cruddas Tory Party Treasurer  Cash For Access Was asking £250,000 for people to meet the Prime Minister, David Cameron.
Grant Shapps Current Co-Conservative Party Chairman  and Minister Without Portfolio (also see above)  Grant Shapps called the deepest double dip recession caused by the Conservative chancellor an “amusement ride” only he said it under one of his alias names as Michael Green and most likely Sebastian Fox too.
Baroness Warsi Conservative party Co Chairman was investigated last May over financial irregularities and failing to declare income on property she had rented out. Cameron made a big play of having her investigated by Sir Jeremy Heywood (so he could take the heat of himself and the then Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt) She was subsequently cleared (ha ha no surprises there then) but her days were numbered and she was thrown out in the PMs next cabinet reshuffle.
Michael Fallon Former Conservative Party Deputy Chairman September 2010 – 4 September 2012 Dragged into the Barclays Libor fixing scandal. Fallon “acknowledged that he worked for Libor Brokers Tullett Prebo and was  fully conversant with the sector. But he failed to point out that, for the last year, his son Peter Fallon has been employed as an Investment Banker with Barclays. Fallon was keen to admit that he was a client of Barclay’s, but not so keen to admit that his was employed there. During the expenses scandal, Mr Fallon wrongly claimed £8,300 for the mortgage repayments on his second home.
Lord Ashcroft Former deputy Chairman Conservative party: Deprived the British Treasury of over £127 million in a 10 year tax dodge. The current Foreign Secretary, William Hague was said to have known about Ashcroft non dom status after Ashcroft had accepted his Peerage. Ashcroft is one of the biggest donors to the Conservative party and has donated millions of pounds over the years. Ashcroft’s millions were poured into the Tory party key marginals in the 2010 general election. Intense pressure from the Tory government in 2010 forced the BBC to drop its Panorama programme about Ashcroft which concentrated on his business affairs and money stashed away in off-shore tax havens.
Andrew Mitchell Conservative Chief Whip allegedly called police protection officers “fucking plebs” and screamed at them in the street to “know their fucking place” He has been urged to resign by police for his foul outburst in Downing Street but has refused to do so and receives the full backing of David Cameron. Police believe that this means that David Cameron is inferring that the police officers concerned are lying in their reports.
Cameron brings back David laws into government after Laws was forced to resign over his fraudulently claiming over £50,000 for housing expenses after just six weeks in government in June 2010.
Keep returning I will add more and keep it updated as new Tory scandals unfold. Don’t forget if you know of any Tory scandals please send them to

Marching for the NHS in Manchester #saveourNHS


Thousands are taking part in a union protest against austerity cuts and NHS changes ahead of the Conservative Party conference in Manchester.


Frances O’Grady, TUC general secretary, said:

“The march and rally will allow thousands of ordinary people to show the government exactly what they think of their policies. 

“Austerity is having a devastating effect on our communities and services, with 21,000 NHS jobs lost over the last three months alone. 



“The NHS is one of Britain’s finest achievements and we will not allow ministers to destroy, through cuts and privatisation, what has taken generations to build.” 

Brighton Conference : Ed Miliband and Labour are about Fairness and Decency.


Labour Conference 2013 Brighton

From Gracie Samuels


I have watched the leader of the Labour party, Ed Miliband carry out an impromptu street appearance In Brighton on Sky News as he arrived for the start of the Labour party conference. If there was any “residue” from his last public appearance when he was egged by an idiot in London’s East Street market, then it didn’t show here and he looked not the slightest bit bothered. In fact at the time of the egging a few weeks ago he ‘yoked’ and laughed with Sky’s Jon Craig  and asked; “did you throw that”?

After Ed Miliband spoke, he took questions from the crowd mainly from ordinary shoppers who surprised to see him in their street had stopped to watch and listen to him. Unlike David Cameron at his “Cameron Direct” sessions  Mr Miliband did not know what questions he was going to be asked and again unlike Cameron,  he hadn’t been briefed and supplied with stat answers!  He calmly and adroitly dealt with the questions as they came. Taking questions publicly is a political minefield for any politician because as we all know members of the public can be pretty unpredictable – and quite right too! I suspect that no matter how awkward the questions get, Ed Miliband wouldn’t have it any other way.

A member of the public asked if he thought Tony Blair was a war criminal (strong stuff). However he didn’t balk and gave a straight and honest answer. He said he didn’t think Blair was a war criminal and that he thought Tony Blair had made the decision in good faith, but he still believed it to be the wrong decision  and we shouldn’t have gone to war in Iraq and that Labour had had to learn the lessons of Iraq which they have done, which is why he refused to back David Cameron’s decision to launch military action in Syria.

He dealt with a question from a homeless person which was pretty incoherent thankfully TV crews had the decency not to televise her as she was obviously distressed. Ed picked up on this and immediately sent one of his workers to to talk to her and try to help her.

Ed Miliband does plenty of these impromptu street visits apparently, not that we would know as they mainly go unreported by a hostile right wing Tory supporting press hellbent on keeping the public from learning who the real Ed Miliband is.

The Tory supporting right wing press have an agenda and it is a simple one, they want to keep Ed Miliband and Labour out of government at any cost. It really would not matter if Ed and Labour were absolutely perfect, the right wing press would still find ways to tarnish them and they will use just about every dirty trick in the book and more besides to bring about their aims.

The Damian “McWho – the hell cares” is a classic example of this. As we know timing is everything in politics so perhaps someone can explain this:

  1. First the long awaited Brooks and Coulson trials are suddenly deferred until 28th October after the Tories annual conference, (supposedly on a legal matter).
  2. Then the Daily Mail fills the void made by the absence of the Brooks and Coulson trials with the Damian McWho the hell cares book (which has obviously been specifically timed to be released at the beginning of the conference season).
If I wasn’t such an old cynic I would be wondering if the Tories Aussie attack dingo Lynton Crosby had not persuaded his master, PM David Cameron and the Attorney General Dominic Grieve QC MP (Conservative) to have a little word in the shell like of the judge conducting the Brooks/Coulson trials to see if a postponement could be arranged.
I sincerely hope not because if this were to turn out to be true this would be serious!
Andy Coulson the PM’s former aide is charged with several charges, amongst them two charges of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office. Makes the Damian McWho the hell cares spat between testosterone alpha males and their daft infantile power struggles look positively benign!
I wonder how long it will be before we all learn about what Lynton Crosby has been up to behind the scenes? Influencing and benefitting government policy on tobacco packaging? Alcohol pricing? Private healthcare contracts? Fracking? And the latest, the connection between one of Crosby’s clients and Syrian rebels? (Whom of which the British government have spoken about arming –  truly scary corrupt stuff).
The right wing press and the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties have vested interests in keeping the public from getting to know the real Ed Miliband, so they smear him and negatively spin against him at every opportunity.
For Cameron and Clegg it’s political and for the newspapers it’s because they do not want to lose any of their power, they are terrified that if Ed Miliband became PM he would implement the Leveson recommendations in full, and after the despicable behaviour of the Sun and Daily Mail in particular, if Ed does become PM, I sincerely hope he does implement Leveson it will serve them right!
The mad and bad ranting behaviour of these two papers over Syria was absolutely loathsome, anyone would think that Ed Miliband was some mad axe murderer, not a decent man/politician who had learned the lessons of Iraq and actually listened to the will of the people and managed to pull the PM David Cameron back from the brink of bombing innocent Syrians and thus preventing Cameron from making the biggest mistake of his political career, and God knows the prime minister has made some real howlers! Cameron should be thanking Ed Miliband not insulting him.
Because of Ed Miliband President Obama was also forced back from the brink, this has led to what looks like a diplomatic solution in Syria brokered by the Russians and quite possibly a ceasefire in the civil war destroying Syria. If Cameron and Obama had got the permission they sought to bomb Syria, then none of this would have happened.
Yet the Sun, Mail, Telegraph etc have totally ignored this fact! All Ed Miliband has got for his troubles is lied about, defamed, bullied and insulted in the most despicable way by these papers and the British PM and staff at Downing Street. The language emanating from Downing Street because Camerons lost the vote was truly shaming and an embarrassment to this country and totally unprofessional and unstatesmanlike.
Now Labour are starting to show their hand with some excellent policies, the hated Tory bedroom tax is to be scrapped andworking families with young children will get extra child care they desperately need and zero hour contracts to be outlawed Slowly we are seeing the start of Labour policies for the next election and it looks like the Labour manifesto is shaping up to be a pretty decent piece of kit for the ordinary person on the street. It is clearly showing how people will be better off under Labour.
It’s obvious who and what Labour stands for they stand for fairness and decency in all walks of life- “One Nation”

Can I speak to my MP, Mr Michael Gove please?


Richard Wilson, one of Michael Gove’s constituents attempts to speak to his MP.

He wanted to discuss the “Gagging Bill, which has generated a lot of local interest.
He describes an assault by Michael Gove’s agent assaults entering his office reception area.
He was trying to speak to my MP about the Gagging Bill at his office in Windlesham
Here’s what happened.