NEWSNIGHT – Paxman vs Brand. Full Interview.


Russell Brand triumphs in shifting Paxman off his usual sterile interviewing tactics… and manages to air some home truths routinely ignored by the tory-intimidated BBC.  Zizek tried to escape the same dominant paradigm in an interview with Gavin Esler, but in spite of the masterly comment that Esler was so 20th Century, Brand succeeds where Zizek was simply obscure.

In summary, Russell Brand argues that:

Democracy is not working – politicians are apathetic to people’s needs.  The planet is being destroyed.  There should not be such economic disparity that the aggregated wealth of the richest 300 Americans is greater than the aggregated wealth of 85m poorest Americans.  The burden of proof that the system is working is on the people with the power.

Difficult to disagree.