Scary Warnings of C21 Unlikely Moderniser Part 1 : Jeremy Corbyn


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The Corbyn Phenomenon which has taken the political world by surprise, was inevitable as the political pendulum began to swing back again. Were it not for the insular bubble of Westminster, and the staged party conferences, feedback from the ordinary … Continue reading

Recommendations for your Ballot Paper #Corbyn4Leader #JezWeCan


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Vote for Jeremy Corbyn and Angela Eagle Ballot papers for all the elections – leader, deputy leader, CAC, NPF, and also London Mayoral candidate – will go out on 14 August 2015, and ballots will close on 10 September. CLPD … Continue reading

Why a vote for Corbyn is a vote for electability


Why a Vote for Corbyn is a Vote for Electability From Neil Schofield, Previously published here Three days before the 1983 election, I attended a rally in Oxford Town Hall. It was in the days when it was still possible … Continue reading