The #Brexit Plus – That’s what the Election is about.


From Jenny King

Theresa May wants to make the General Election all about Brexit. And how we manage Brexit IS massively important, as it’s vital that we get a deal which looks after our economy, workers’ rights, the environment and safety. But…


  • This is not JUST a Brexit election.

  • This is a: “Can you stomach children going to school hungry?” election

  • It’s a: “Can my adult kids afford somewhere to live” election

  • It’s a: “Are you happy with yet another pay freeze?” election

  • It’s a: “Can you sit by while your small business struggles and another tax break is given to large corporations?” election

  • It’s a: “Do we want to protect our NHS?” election

  • It is a: “Can you live with people being homeless?” election

  • It’s a: “Can we continue to compromise our safety by cutting the police force?” election 

  • It’s an: “Are you happy that hate crime has risen sharply?” election

  • It’s an: “Are you happy with your Prime Minister cosying up to Trump and everything he stands for?” election

  • It’s a: “Do you want libraries, museums, playing fields and public leisure facilities?” election

  • It’s a: “Do we let our doctors, nurses, teachers and police and the rest of our public  be ground into the dust?” election

  • It’s a: “Can you manage on an unreliable zero hours contract?” election

  • It’s a: “Do we want to support British industry?” election

  • It’s a: “Should we let people die while they wait for their welfare entitlements?” election

  • It’s a: “Do we care if school budgets are cut or that they tripled university tuition fees? election 

  • It’s a: “How do we care for our elderly people” election.

Getting a decent Brexit deal is an important part of this election.
But more than anything else: 

  • It’s a: “WAKE UP AND DO THE RIGHT THING” election
  • It’s a: “GET THE TORIES OUT” election!

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Rebuilding Britain for People #VoteLabour


Are some of Labour’s critics old enough to understand that we have a national health service and welfare state, and had a free education service with maintenance grants , an Open university, all because of the Labour Party? All is provided universally – for us all – free at point of use. So when troubles happen, when the unthinkable happens, they are not alone.

In addition , when starting out in life, I had assistance with housing – a Birmingham City 100% mortgage to help me get a first home. Thatcher sold off social housing and people who could not afford their mortgage lost their homes which eventually fell in the hands of wealthy, so they became private landlords. Young people today have no chance of a home, and are left with huge student debts.

To those who are not old enough to remember, this and more is possible. It is because I believe young people deserve the chances I have had, that I will be voting Labour on June 8th.
Maintenance grants will be  reinstated, and tuition fees scrapped, an NES will be set up providing an education for everyone, free at the point of use. The NHS is to stay in public hands, and Labour will be returning water, energy, rail and mail  to public ownership  and control. We must not allow foreign speculators to gamble with these basic needs and our food, our health and education. What was the point of #Brexit if we allow this to continue?
The #LabourManifesto is the Book of the Year, and it is well worth spending time reading it, it is there on the internet, and not to give time or credence to the evil lies which the very rich are peddling because they don’t want to share an ounce of their wealth with you, me, or  our grandchildren.
The Conservatives social care policy is based on a #DementiaTax taking costs from the sale of any property left in your estate when you die. But when a recession hits, it has been predicted, and growth is slowimg , house prices will inevitably fall. How will the Tories then fund social care – bring in workhouses? It is likely they will snap up cheap housing and become landlords of your grandchildren, leaving people with no hope at all.
Who, with any sense of justice, compassion – or any empathy can vote Tory? For goodness sake, for all our sakes, we must #VoteLabour on June 8th.

I hope I will not cry alone. #Solidarity #Vote Labour


There are several people saying websites down. Social Media being curbed. The army is on our streets. Silence is not golden. Who is defending freedom, and democracy as we lurch towards a one-party-state? The right wing press is abhorrent.

Readers of evil Daily Mail and the Sun being taken in by scare tactics and lies of the establishment. I want none of it, or them.

We must support and work for peace, liberty, equality, fraternity and justice.

We must not underestimate how far they go to protect their obscene wealth. They are trying to silence us. And this is when we need each other, not isolation. 😦

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out-

Because I was not a Socialist.”

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

I hope I will not cry alone.

Peace and Solidarity, not Division #VoteLabour


So, Jeremy Corbyn, winner of the Gandhi Peace prize wants us to all come together in solidarity, to support one another, while Theresa May, after the death of poor children, whose lives we still mourning , wants to divide us, frighten us, and put the army on our streets?
Why, when the man responsible was known to authorities did this atrocity occur? Why have police numbers been cut to the bone, when she was a home secretary? Why use hatred to divide us for political gain? Why?

It is despicable that Theresa May seeks to use this for political gain. It is shameful, callous and wrong. Could it be because the Labour Party’s policies are caring and popular? Could it be because people are noticing, and want to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak? Is she trying to stop free speech and discussion? Is she trying to halt the democratic process.

Terrorism will not weaken us. It will not halt our democracy, We want to rebuild society. We want homes, and educated people. We want jobs. We want a health service. We want a clean planet. We want to be secure and safe. We don’t want all our resources going to profits for very rich people, while our people starve.  Austerity is a political choice.

We want peace. We don’t want to be inflicting death on children by bombs or starvation.

That’s why we need a new start, and to Vote Labour on June 8th.

Gandhi Peace Prize Jeremy Corbyn