A message for Mrs May re: DUP Agreement


Mrs May, please note: While we do not begrudge an end to austerity for any people in Northern Ireland, we do object to you risking its security and their safety by breaking the Good Friday agreement. 
We demand an end to austerity in England , Scotland and Wales too. We reject privatisation of our NHS while you cling to power. We reject your expensive and dangerous wars while you sell arms to Saudi. If you can fund the army in NI , why are we facing cuts to police on our streets? Why are our hospitals closing, and our schools underfunded? We reject that our young people are entering adult life without jobs, without affordable housing and paying £9000 a year for an education our generation had for free, and with maintenance grants.
You take money out of public funds to give to NI – not out of concern for anyone living there but merely so that you Tories can stay in power long enough to gain possession of public assets and help yourselves, like vultures to the remains of our public services and hand out to your chums.
Shame on you, Mrs May and all who keep you in power. You are despicable.