Quantitative Easing and Greedy Bankers as explained by the bears.


More Quantitative Easing is expected this week.  It is likely that the Bank of England will click on their computer mouse to issue another £50 billion, to add to the £325 billion that has already been poured into the banks … Continue reading

The other reasons why Labour lost in 2015


For the most part, Margaret Beckett has managed to avoid the firing line for her 35 page report as to why Labour lost the 2015 GE.  Essentially, the report (which can be read here) does not fit easily into the … Continue reading

On the Road to Recovery..

On The Road To Recovery  by Trevor Bacon I nearly stood there holding the paper up high to proclaim my utter contempt at the headline. My habit when entering a supermarket is to first, after getting the obligatory metal basket … Continue reading

Ideology and Discourse in ConDem Policy


Ideology and Discourse in ConDem Policy  by MarxistNutter First posted on Politics Worldwide  December 26, 2012  The UK government have failed on whatever measure you choose to name. In this article, Marxist Nutter draws on a variety of political theorists to explain why the government’s support … Continue reading