The power is in our hands to change history.


Advice from Dennis Skinner:-“Whether you’re young or old, better off or just getting by, we can all agree that there’s a lot that needs putting right in this country. So let’s get this straight, straight away. 

  • Don’t listen to the siren voices of the establishment media. 
  • They’ll tell you that Labour is a threat to our national security. 
  • They’ll say that Labour is unpatriotic. 

And they’ll keep banging that drum from now until June 8th. 

It’s a familiar stunt. It’s one they’ve pulled every time the Labour Party’s stood for something meaningful, just as it does today. 

The truth is, it was Labour that gave this country its national security in the first place. And together we built the NHS, even when they said it couldn’t be done. Free healthcare was a fantasy, they said, but now it’s plain common sense. It was Labour that outlawed race discrimination and decriminalised homosexuality. It was Labour that gave Britain a comprehensive education system and it was Labour that introduced the National Minimum Wage. Many of these rights form part of this country’s values. This is Labour’s proud legacy of success. 

On the other hand, the Tories like to claim to be patriotic but there’s nothing patriotic about decimating living standards, there’s nothing patriotic about starving the real economy to feed the bankers and the bureaucrats, and there’s nothing patriotic about a country that can’t collect taxes from faceless corporations. 

All this abuse while ordinary taxpayers do their bit for our nation. But you won’t hear messages like that in the establishment media. 

A vote for Labour is a vote to win back the future. It’s a vote for the world we want to rebuild after Brexit. And crucially it’s a vote against the Conservatives’ plan to make Britain an offshore tax haven, a satellite state for European banks. 

Remember, come June 8th, every vote will count. The power is in your hands to change the course of history. So let’s do it. 

                 šŸŒ¹Vote Labour on June 8th.šŸŒ¹”

International Labour DayĀ 


On International Labour Day, it is time to show solidarity with neighbours and workers across the globe. 

This was produced on reclaimed cardboard from the Occupy movement in the US, and was displayed in Tate Modern.

On Labour Day, we remember injustice that the government produce and have control of the money, yet do not share it fairly. It goes to the banks and to the rich 1%. These are the wealth extractors. The true wealth is created by workers, and resources from the earth. The government are elected to serve the people but they fail in their responsibility to share wealth with all citizens, creating poverty, and that is why we need a Labour government. 
We deserve and demand a fair society in which no person or town is left behind. We have a wonderful opportunity to overturn this injustice. Everyone who can should register their vote, and help to make history on June 8th.
Let’s take this opportunity.

 Vote Labour.

Did someone say, “Happy Christmas?”


Did someone say “Happy Christmas?”


Happy Christmas, and A Peaceful New Year.

I want to say it to you all, but I reallyĀ  want it to be true.Ā 

If Theresa May is talking about whether we can mention Christmas, I wonder where her concerns lie.

Britain is not full, despite what is being claimed by some. Try driving around ….there seems plenty of empty land, most of it in the hands of very rich people whose ancestors acquired it by force centuries ago. Perhaps the papers would like to report on that?
People migrate and always have done, it’s good for sharing of skills, ideas and good for the gene pool. If everyone is provided for no-one would object.

There is not only space for more, there is work for everyone to do. But we import merchandise produced cheaply and unsafely, and manufacturing here has been closed down. Poor quality imports are everywhere, making riches for someone.

Tories dismantled industry, leading to decline unemployment and poverty.

They turned our shelter from homes to assets, so people became more concerned about their house prices than whether everyone could have a home.

We can satisfy our own energy needs by renewables, but I hear about fracking and nuclear energy, as rich prospectors are rubbling their hands.

But more importantly, we all need to appreciate the problem of division is not about immigrants, not about religion, it is about power. The very rich have power to cause suffering because we allow that.

It is time people opened their eyes to the truth, and reject Tory lies, and the poison from the Mail, Express and the rest.

Neoliberalism is flawed, and the answer is socialism and compassion.

I am an atheist, but I can see if Christmas -or Yuletide if you prefer – had any real meaning it’s not about anything that Theresa May is talking about. It is about community, life, and solidarity.

I remember my father- in-law in tears reading ‘The Little Match Girl, to my daughter. Now I hear about the homeless freezing to death on the streets of my home city, Birmingham, and I cannot get it out of my mind. The Dickensian thinking remains as those who sit around their Christmas trees, with their brandy and crackers, their goose and their gifts, consciences content with a contribution to some charity or other, are unwilling to recognise that voting for an extreme Conservative government means they are culpable. It is inexcusable.

The answer is Socialism, … so let’s make it count, all year round.

Here’s My “ChristmasĀ  Card”Ā  Merry Christmas All!

But this isn’t Dickens, it’s today.Ā 

Who will change it?

It won’t beĀ  May, Trump or Farage- It won’t beĀ  warmongers, Trident forĀ  Arms

It won’t be the Frackers, Hinkley or Oil -It won’t beĀ  FatCats watching us toil.

It won’t be the media just for theirĀ  ends. It won’t be the bankers – nor their rich friends.

It won’t be me – orĀ  you on your own. But together we can take neoliberalism down.


So how can we change it?

Not by division, nor fighting within, but getting together – we know we can win!

Unions, Communities, Relations and Friends: United we stand to achieve just ends.

So Maggie smashed the Unions, Society? – “no such thing!”

But the neoliberalism tide has turned, Capitalism’sĀ  on the wane.

Equality and Justice, Peace and HopeĀ  remain.

A World Devoid of Poverty is ours to reclaim!

Homeless man froze to death – Birmingham MailĀ 

The Little Match Girl

This isn’t Dickens, it’s today Winters Cold, Homeless and Hungry

The times they are-a-changing #jeremycorbyn4PM


Jeremy Corbyn’s support is widespread and growing as more and more people realise this movement has the policies to transform and rebuild Britain for people. Anything is achieveable when people stand together. It is not about coups or fan clubs. It’s real politics. The times they area-changin’. Believe. It’s happening.