Politics and Parasites (Syzygy)

Politics and Parasites’ is a sister blog to Think-Left and shares the same red-green values and priorities. It is edited by Syzygy (@syzygysyzygysue)

“‘Politics and Parasites’ might once have been thought an unusual title but I doubt that anyone wonders at it now because the term ‘parasitic’ has had such currency since the 2008 crash… ‘Parasitic’ Bankers, Politicians, Plutocrats, Benefit Claimants and so on.

Nevertheless, I want to extend the analogy beyond the usual description of individuals/groups/professions as ‘exploiters’ of the host population aka ‘we, the overwhelming majority’.  Specifically, there are two tenets of parasitology which offer insight, warning and hope in challenging the corporate-financial-political nexus.”

  • The first is a warning that the potential risks of contemporary politics are very high.
  • The hope is to be found in the notion that parasitism has ‘fueled’ evolution.   

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