Beating the Coalition

Driving home last night listening to PM on Radio 4 was a bleak experience to match the dark and miserable weather on the M62.

My smart phone had been delivering 140 characters worth of gloom all day, via Twitter.

Italian bonds were running increasing at levels that means the country that cannot be bailed out will need just that. The much feared disorderly default looks a racing certainty. The good ship Euro is sinking. The Euro-zone countries have thrown all they can afford to lose and more overboard. They are bailing out as fast as they can, yet the water level is still rising. If they look closely at the enveloping water the IMF sharks are lurking, ready to feast on the democratic rights and nationally owned assets of even more nations.

The faltering political elite in Greece and Italy are terrified to let the people decide how they want to proceed in their hour difficulty. They both look like they have been bullied into forming Governments of national unity – meaning without a democratic mandate and certain to accept the austerity medicine that the good doctors neo-liberal with prescribe. (By the way it’s the only one they have – it’s a cocktail of privatisation, taxing the poor and giving to the rich).

In London there was a demonstration against the huge hike in student fees, the loss of the EMA and the deepening of market forces in further education.

The National Association of Head Teachers announced that unless serious concessions are made by the Government, it members will strike for the first time 114 years over their pensions.

The world seems in a headlong rush to privatisation, marketisation and to giving national assets to Global Capitalism. Despite the inequality that haunts our nation, and indeed the world, the failure of neo-liberalism brought sharply to view in recent years has not stopped it’s march.

How crazy would it be to go to your doctor, saying your pills are really harming you, and he tells you to take twice your normal dose?

Deregulation, privatisation and the increase in pan-global organisations are reducing the influence people and even nations have over their daily lives. We have become economic slaves to a system that uses fear and uncertainty to herd us the way we can be exploited for maximum economic value. Our Government is on the side this elite, make no mistake, and will open every part of our national life for them to take.

As a nation, we must stand together and fight back. We need a coalition of the people to stand firm against our current Government. Labour, the Greens, Unions, Students and everyone else who feels the need to change must take on the Conservative-led coalition.

We still have the power.

Every election, vote against them.

Every policy that gives the what should be owned by the people away to the money men should be fought.

We have the power to strike. We should use it.

We have the power of mass civil disobedience. We should use direct, but peaceful, action.

Our democratic rights should not just be maintained, but strengthened.

When we say we want a Government that looks after the elderly and disabled, we should get it.

When we think that the super rich in our society should contribute more to help the poorest we must insist our politicians do it.

It will be a hard fight. Big corporate power runs our media, and the Government will use all it’s power to fight back hard.

I have two wonderful Children, aged 3 and 4.

I want my Son to get the help for his Aspergers Syndrome, instead of being denied it as Educational Psychologists ration an ever smaller pot of money.

I want them to have the same chance in life as the children of a millionaire.

I like them to be able to have a rewarding job that allows them a comfortable life, in affordable and secure housing.

I would like life to balanced, so we don’t treat the world as something to be exploited, but as gift we should tend for our grandchildren to enjoy.

I know this Government will deliver none of these, so I am prepared to fight. It’s a fight that the people must not lose.

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