TUC Day of Action on Public Service Pensions on 30 November 2011.

Campaign film for the TUC Day of Action on Public Service Pensions on 30 November 2011.

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We could stop the cuts: we can collect tax due instead. That way we all win.

Richard Murphy has published his new research for The Tax Justice Network which estimates tax evasion for 145 countries in the world covering 98% of world GDP between them…..  $3.1 trillion to illegal tax evasion.


… the findings show that tax evaded in the UK might be £69.9bn a year….

…  Despite government claims that they are tackling this issue they’re still planning to cut 12,000 jobs at HM Revenue & Customs over the next few years; job losses that will simply deny our tax authority the people needed to chase tax due by cheats in this country. That makes no sense. Twenty thousand new staff at HMRC could transform government finances and with it the state of our national economy. Tackling tax evasion is in the national interest and in the world’s interest. Now we know just how much tax is evaded a new strategy for tackling the world’s deficits is available.

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Who could possible disagree?  It has to be the Tory-LD government, the political wing of the City of London and the UK’s most ancient tax haven…. home of the 1%.

Support the strike on 30th November 2011.

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