David Cameron is a Poo Head.

By Alicia Duffy  http://camelshump.co.uk/2011/12/06/405/

“David Cameron is a bad man. He is on the blue team and they are nasty and don’t like sharing or looking after poorly people or people who don’t have jobs. He wants to shut down the surestart and the library because he is rich and doesn’t like them. He is a poo head.”

OK, so it isn’t exactly Polly Toynbee, but that is my four year old daughter’s take on politics. She knows a little bit about political parties (or the red, blue and yellow teams, as she calls them), and a little bit about unions and strikes. She plays at being a suffragette and she loved going to the Durham Big Meeting earlier this year. She is, most probably, more politically aware than many adults.

Yet it is unavoidable that she is getting a biased view – both me and my husband are left wing, the newspaper in the house is the Guardian and she has been taken on marches against cuts and met the local Labour MP and councillors. While she is pottering about the house doing four year old things, she will have overheard left wing conversations, and recently she asked to decorate her biscuits with hammers and sickles, because she liked her Daddy’s t shirt. Even her school has a banner that they bring out for local events to march with the old mining union banners.

Occasionally, this troubles me. Am I being a bad parent by encouraging this at such a very young age? Am I simply storing up trouble for the future, when she will rebel and become some kind of massive Tory?

With a politically aware family, though, I’m not even sure how we could avoid explaining things, at least on a very basic level. We have always said that we will try our best to answer questions from our children, and that we will encourage curiosity, and she is constantly learning, like all small children. Short of hiding the newspapers and books, turning off the radio and TV and sending her to a babysitter for every march and event, she is going to notice politics, and it is going to be a biased view. Even the least political families will have to explain things like the teachers being on strike and the concept of voting, we have just gone a little further.

Just as religious families bring their children up in their value system, so we do the same. Of course, we tell her that there are other ways of thinking, and that people have reasons for thinking like that and they might not just be bad, but she puts her own spin on things. We have the luxury at the moment of not being totally immersed in immediate political issues, unlike the people who lived in our town during the miner’s strike, but I do think it is vitally important that children grow up to understand how politics affects our lives.

Plus, David Cameron IS a poo head.


Happy Christmas!

8 thoughts on “David Cameron is a Poo Head.

  1. Two of the presents under the tree this morning (we have a two year old too) were the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in picture book form, and a “votes for women” sash…

    Hmmm, do you sometimes get the feeling your are bringing your children up ever so slightly oddly? 😀


  2. I’ve written about my 7 yr old in a similar way.

    He calls Cameron “Slug Man” and both he and my 3 yr old boo when he comes on the TV.

    He is however well informed. As you say, in many ways better informed than most adults. I do TRY to give both sides and my hubby is fairly a-political and balances things out.

    still, I won’t lose too much sleep over it, as you so eloquently conclude, Cameron IS a poo head after all.


  3. You do have to be careful, she may rebel when she is older. It happened to some one I knew growing up her parents were hard lefties, and now she is a prominent Tory Cllr!

    So when she is older make sure she gets a proper balance, so she can make up her own mind, she may turn into a raving right winger, but she may just carry on the way she is


  4. Alicia, many grow up politically ignorant and reading the Daily Mail.
    I listened to stories of the General Strike in 1926, miners’ families unable to feed children and Churchill turning the troops on the miners. My children marched at Tolpuddle and one remarked when seeing the miners’ strike in the 80s, “Why is that policeman hitting a man with a stick?” They grew up balanced and quite capble of formulating their own thoughts and questioning truths.
    Education is all – parents should take the lead. How else can children find the truth?
    Your daughter’s world willneed people like her. We all will.


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