Boris and Lynton Crosby’s spin against Ken backfires!

Australian election strategist, Lynton Crosby, who has been brought in as an advisor to the Boris campaign for London mayor, has a reputation for using the same sort of distraction ‘techniques’ as George W Bush’s legendary message-massager, Karl Rove.  It seems only too likely that the slant put on Ken Livingston’s tears stems from the Boris team, and that spin was only too readily picked up by the hostile media.

Another specious but equally destructive rumour has swiftly followed… that the Londoners speaking for Ken in his campaign video were all paid actors.

Now a further video has been produced in rebuttal to this allegation … and in my opinion it is even more effective than the original.  Three of the ‘actors’ in the campaign video describe themselves in their own words and explain why they wanted to appear in the video to back Ken. Perhaps, Ken should send Boris and Lynton a big bunch of flowers to say thank-you for facilitating such a heart-warming endorsement.

For comparison, here is the ‘Party Election Broadcast 2012 by Ken Livingstone’.  For more info

Boris Johnson can’t distance himself from Cameron. He’s family.

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