Stand up for the NHS – Vote Labour

Published on Apr 11, 2012 by theuklabourparty
Professor Robert Winston explains why Labour is the only party that can be trusted to protect the NHS against the Tory-led Government’s huge top-down reorganisation. On Thursday 3rd May a vote for Labour is a vote for the NHS. Stand up for the NHS at

2 thoughts on “Stand up for the NHS – Vote Labour

  1. In England, perhaps, a legitimate tactic. Elsewhere in the crumbling British state’s vanishing domestic colonies, perhaps not as we have our own forms of national liberation, leftist solutions to the proto-fascism resurrecting its maw in the decaying Anglo-British (rump to be) state.

    Good luck, nonetheless, though it’s doubtful that the revisionist, collaborationist corpse that is the Labour party will defend very much of anything against the NeoConLib capitalist stormtroopers – something more revolutionary required?


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