Green party member joins The Labour Party

Interesting and good news for Labour. Think Left supports green policies, and a socialist economy. We need a united left to overcome the coalition and the dreadful policies which they are rushing through.

This, I imagine for some, may come as a bit of a shock but this has been on the horizon, personally, for a good few months; I will explain my decision below in the hope people understand, even if they don’t agree with, my decision.

My politics have developed over the last few years, largely changing in line with my academic study and in accordance with the people I have met and learnt from, politically. I joined the Green Party in 2010, before the LibDems had officially signed a deal with the Tories but when it was pretty much clear that was the way things were going. I stand by that decision; the Greens at that time suited my political outlook, after the LibDems sold out I was wanting to be a member of a party that stood true to its values, principles and ideology – there was hardly…

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2 thoughts on “Green party member joins The Labour Party

  1. A very good piece well written and obviously a decision Jane meditated on before joining the Labour party. Welcome Comrade we need more like you, I continue to live for the day when the left joins together with Labour again as a strong political force in this country. Once again Pam I am in 100% agreement with you and your thoughts.


    • Thankyou for the comment, only just seen it!

      Really appreciate your feedback; you are right – I took a long time to think about it all and I am so glad I have made the switch!

      Thanks again; look forward to working with people like you! 🙂


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