1988 Noam Chomsky Interview on How Dissident Movements drove Government Underground

Noam Chomsky Interview with Bill Moyers (Improved Quality) Part 1

Taken from Bill Moyers program “A World of Ideas” aired on PBS back in 1988.

Popular movements of the 1980s drove US government underground.  There was a cleavage between the institutions and the people.  Reagan’s government was start of ordinary people not feeling reflected by Government or the media.  Candidates for political positions only listened to the polls so that they could say what they needed to say to get elected.  After that, they would do what they wanted.  Democracy is more than just casting a vote every 4 years.


On Propaganda
Noam Chomsky interviewed by unidentified interviewer
WBAI, January, 1992
The logic is clear — propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state and that’s wise and good because … the common interests elude the bewildered herd, they can’t figure them out. The public relations industry not only took this ideology on very explicitly but also acted on it… and its commitment all along was to controlling the public mind…. in 1935, labor won its first major legislative victory, namely the right to organize with the Wagner act, and that raised two serious problems.  For one thing, democracy was misfunctioning, the bewildered herd was actually winning legislative victories, and it’s not supposed to work that way.  The other problem was, it was becoming possible for people to organize, and people have to be atomized and separated and alone.


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