Web voices reply to Cameron’s Speech

(These excellent comments were collected from different sources and I have deliberately made them anonymous)

Cameron’s problem is that he has revealed himself for what he really is, and this tallys not at all with the person he had previously projected himself as being.

He represents government by the toffs, for the toffs. Moreover, he represents a class which views all others with brutal callousness.

I have never heard such a litany of bare faced lies.

He claimed to be the “party of the want to be better off” and yet in the last two years he has left the great majority far worse off, with falling real incomes and increased unemployment.

He claimed “the damage was worse than we thought and it’s taking longer than we hoped.” And yet the Tory-Libdem Party inherited a recovering economy and turned it into a double dip recession. It is clearly the Coalition which has caused the greater part of the damage.

He blamed the recession on the slowing of the EU economy, and yet when the Tory-Libdem created-recession began, exports to the EU were increasing.

He said “The country is on the rise and we are selling to the world again”.  Has he forgotten the ONS figures from two weeks ago which showed the largest current account deficit on record.

He said Britain’s planning laws would have to be scrapped so more housing could be built. But there is no shortage of house building projects with planning permission. Constructions firms are not building simply because there is not sufficient demand (on account of this government having sucked it out of the economy). So smashing up our ancient woodlands might make right wing Tories cheer but it will not address housing problems.

He said: “If we are going to be a winner in this global race we’ve got to beat off this suffocating bureaucracy once and for all”. The government are dismantling basic and hard won employment rights on the pretext that it will promote economic growth. But the research evidence shows that European countries with higher levels of employment protection have more sustained economic growth than those with lower levels.

He claimed that the “Conservative party, … are the real champions of fighting poverty in Britain today.” But all the indicators show that poverty (including child poverty) has rocketed since the Coalition came to power.

He promised that “those with the broadest shoulders would bear the greatest burden”. But IFS research shows that it is the poorest who will bear the heaviest burden.

To me it has never been more urgent for all concerned folk to join together….

This is the classic Friedmanite ‘shock doctrine’ which should fool nobody.

I remember his ‘it was worse than we thought ‘ on day one of taking power. Andrew Neil pulled him up on it as the figure was actually BETTER than had been touted during the election.

Isn’t this the same man who said that he would cut the deficit, not the NHS?

Why should I believe anything that this incompetent PR man ever says again?

In my opinion, the more cuts we get, the more people will question more closely the official line and unravel the bullshit. The more people lose facilities and the more jobs are lost, the more closely people will question why. They aren’t that stupid.

“The character thing”????? “Integrity”??????
Are you … mad?
 The … hypocrite … stood there invoking the name of his late son while cutting child disabled benefits and rights…

He brought up the memory of his disabled father in a low and vile comparison to how he now expects terminally ill cancer patients to work at menial jobs or have all benefits removed when his… father was rich through inherited wealth and was busily setting up and selling tax avoidance schemes to enrich young David.

Newspapers needs to get real, tell the truth about the nastiest government we have had since 1939.

How is Cameron able to get away with blatant lies about people on benefits totally unchallenged by anyone in the media?

An unsubstantial leader who knows his limits and resorted only to the devices that entice the convinced and leave the rest of us wondering how he and his party could pull the deceit off for so long.

“Popular arguments about the welfare budget will become less popular when the radical overhaul leads to cases of injustice and administrative cock-ups that wreck people’s lives”

That Cameron and the party of the comfortable think that anyone who is not working (or rich!) should be living on the brink, perpetually frightened and – one presumes – pathetically grateful for every drop of charity that food banks and soup kitchens can provide.

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