What’s the point of the “War on Terror?”

What’s the point of the “War on Terror?”

By CJStone

Previously Published on Fierce Writing

It is no measure of health to be sane in an insane society.” Krishnamurti.

Mali, “to the west of Algeria”

I had a small revelation yesterday. I was listening to the news  when I heard the report about the growth of Islamic terrorism in Mali.

Now hang on, I thought. Wasn’t the point about the War on Terror that it was supposed to get rid of terrorism?

If you look at a map you’ll see that Mali lies to the west of Algeria, just across the desert from Libya, where the War on Terror had it’s last public outing before Syria, and where violent jihadists, armed and funded by the United States, then turned around and murdered the American ambassador.

That’s when it struck me.

They started the War on Drugs in the 1970s, and now there’s MORE drugs than there used to be. They started the War on Crime back in the 1930s, and now there’s MORE crime. They started the War on Terrorism in the last decade, and now there’s MORE terrorism.

Is anyone starting to notice a pattern here? You might almost imagine that someone intended it this way.

The disinformation piles up like dirty washing in the laundry basket and no one seems to notice how offensive it is.

We bombed Libya in order to stop a massacre, and then went on to massacre pro-Gaddafi loyalists.

We are backing foreign fighters in Syria in order to overthrow a dictator, using arms supplied by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two of the most corrupt dictatorships in the region.

In Mali and Yemen and Pakistan we are against Al Qaeda. In Syria we are arming them.

We allow Israel to hold massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons while imposing sanctions on Iran, which has none.

We are fighting wars all over the planet in order to bring about World Peace, it is suggested, and no one seems to notice how absurd this is.

Albert Einstein said: “the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.”

How sane do you think our world is right now?

7 thoughts on “What’s the point of the “War on Terror?”

  1. You appear to have missed one vital thread in your arguemnet. The common thread running through all of the wars that you mention is the USA.

    It is their instigation and subsequent involvement in all these wars that is the most worrying for future generations. Especially as the UK supports every scatterbrained scheme to issue forth from the USA.


  2. It’s worth noting that the upsurge of militant Islamist activity from March ’12, leading to the takeover of the whole of Northern Mali by the loose Isliamist collective and the imposition of Sharia law, was at last partly a direct result of heavy weaponry emerging from Libya as the mercenaries who had supported Ghadafii fled south and into the arms of a grateful Ansar Dine. The Mali-as-Afghanistan is therefore, arugably, the direct result of Cameron’s Boys’ Own Adventure in North Africa. I wrote about this happening back in the Spring.


  3. It is stupidity on the rise Chris. If people would fix their own countries first I think there would be a difference, not much but a bit. What is the old phrase the druids used and Christianity refuses to admit to it too—..and Harm None.


  4. These ‘terrorist’ groups are funded: they buy weapons, traffic drugs & use banks. Funny how this is never addressed… Interesting read at Golem XIV, who says Czech or Chinese weapons come into Africa via Panama: ‘#Mali and #Algeria – A slightly different view’ – http://goo.gl/RejEz


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