IDS explodes again over Workfare

Iain Duncan-Smith’s Row With James O’Brien.

James O’Brien deserves a collective cheer for telling IDS that the only reason there are the greatest number of people in work since records began, is because there are the greatest number of people alive since records began!

lbc973@LBC 97.3

Iain Duncan-Smith was involved in an explosive bust-up with James O’Brien live on LBC 97.3.
The Work and Pensions Secretary has welcomed a fall in unemployment, which now stands at 362,000 in the capital and 2.5million across the UK.

Hat-tip Jase-deb Cridland

4 thoughts on “IDS explodes again over Workfare

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  2. The only reason Ian Duncan Smith has a job, is because his constituents voted for a political party which invests millions knobbling the press and companies like A4e, G4S and Atos.
    By that measure, I look forward to seeing IDS presenting a programme on BBC 4 all about the history of the Field telephone or some such documentary, following Michael Portillo’s documentary all about the “Victorians” or some such topic.


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