Let the Children Walk Away from War

Let the Children Walk away from War

By Trevor Bacon

Have you noticed how adept governments are at shifting the focus of an argument like the Germans may have done in 1933? If they had asked the population, “Do you think we should have separate sections in the camps for Jews and Catholics?”, what would they  have answered?  Now the question is, did Assad or, didn’t he?

warsyrianchildrenIn actuality the situation is, as always , more complex than to bomb, or not to bomb. With regard to the Apocalypse, it has potential, not least because of Iran‘s threats, empty or not, and not less than the nightmare scenario of Russia and China being inadvertently sucked into action. We have to note that Russia are moving two more war ships into posistion in the Med as I write. Clearly Putin is not about to declare open war and the Chinese have perfected the art of aloof pragmatism, but red lines abound and though not as clearly drawn as those of Barrack Obama, they still exist. Even rabbits will turn and fight, if all avenues of escape are blocked. We need time to think, we need time for cooler heads in the US and the UN to prevail.

Everybody in the world understands the dominance of the US military machine. The US spend more than the rest of the world put together. A combination of this fact, coupled with an insolvable economic crisis at home is a deadly combination. While we like to think that the American administrations are independent and very different from one another this of course is window dressing. In actuality the longer plan is still in play, a doctrine of full spectrum world dominance. The Wolfowitz Doctrine, restated ten years later by PNAC states that America, although in the first stage of Imperial decay from its heyday in the 1950’s can artificially hold onto its number one economic position. This can only happen if the rest of the worlds nations can be induced to remain Vassal states under the military boot or the US Dollar. These two things go hand in hand. It’s an old story, the US $ retains its value not because of gold reserves, which it decoupled under Nixon but because of its tie to oil trades. Those countries who have attempted to move away from this link, Iraq and Iran to name two. Well you know what happened and will happen there. Also Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi had been trying to re introduce gold backing to Africa in the creation of the Golden Dinar. So you see the link, and you see why the US need to destroy all opposition. The weaker the US $ becomes, the less that currency is worth, the less it is worth and  the less interested the bond markets will be in buying its debt. The less interested the bond market are in buying its debt, the more important it is for the US to get its deficits under control. The more under control the deficits, the angrier Americans will become.

Clearly, nobody in their right mind wants this to escalate further, Russia and China have achieved a victory of sorts. They have at least held up the PNAC ‘Pax Americana‘ game to some extent, even if they know that this is no more than a slow and deadly intermission. So now, whoever is responsible for the gas attacks,  arming liver-and-heart-eating rebel commanders,  for sawing the heads off of Bishops and priests,  for getting a child to chop the head off a prisoner, for the destruction and ethnic cleansing of Christian and Kurdish villages, for giving the green light to the Saudis to pour billions into this fight,  for giving encouragement to the equally despotic Assad government, or for firing artillery shells into populated areas, whoever they are, they must  all know that it is, once again, time to step away from the precipice.

A final message to Obama and Kerry. You’re in Washington, not Las Vegas. If you are looking for something to define your presidency Mr President, let it be that humanity prevailed under your administration. If you want to show your metal, to show you are not coward, then propose a peace keeping force. Stop arming the Rebels and come to agreement with the Russians and Chinese to stop arming Assad. Support the Geneva 2 Peace Talks as if you meant it Mr Kerry. Let these children in the picture walk away from this!

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