The Bedroom tax, the UN investigator and Grant Shapps

UN Housing investigator, Raquel Rolnik was branded a “loopy Brazilian leftie” by Conservatives after she said she was “shocked to hear how many people feel abused in their human rights by this decision and why – being so vulnerable – they should pay for the cost of the economic downturn, which was brought about by the financial crisis.”

Tory Chairman Grant Shapps, claimed that  Ms Rolnik’s investigation was politically biased … In response Ms Rolnik said: “I didn’t come here to investigate the ‘bedroom tax’. I came here as a normal country mission, to assess the situation. I came across the ‘bedroom tax’ when I was here, but I am an independent investigator.”

She went on to slam the ‘aggressive’ behaviour of the UK Government:

“It was the first time a government has been so aggressive. When I was in the USA, I had a constructive conversation with them accepting some things and arguing with others. They did not react like this.”

As a result of her preliminary investigations into the impact of the Bedroom Tax, she is calling for it to be suspended with immediate effect.  As she says in the interview below:

”If one life is lost because of these Reforms it is one too many

The UN aide also wants the Bedroom tax to be investigated fully, as the scheme was never piloted and already constitutes an assault on human rights.

UN aide defiant over bedroom tax

Raquel Rolnik said that she is open and receptive to as much evidence as possible as she continues her mission on Welfare Reforms in the UK over the next 3 months.  She can be contacted via Email address:


9 thoughts on “The Bedroom tax, the UN investigator and Grant Shapps

  1. The British Government shows its true colours over this. The Conservatives are never wrong and when questioned on any issue turn vicious. They are not interested in whats right or wrong, just being allowed to do what they want. I sincerely hope the UN uses every last ounce of power to denounce this government to the rest of the world. Its a shameful stain on British history and the government should act with humility. Disgusting; they have embarrassed the people!


      • Be nice to know Labours policy, we have seen the Socialist Byrne come out with a few words, the fact is Miliband has not said much when asked at the TUC conference he mumbled about the same things not knowing unable to say, not good enough.

        The bed room tax is wrong it has to be removed.


  2. It just shows at what level these Tory’s will sink to, playground name calling and bullying. They all seem to have hissy fits, throwing teddy out of pram, feet stamping, when they get found out. These pathetic Bullingdon bully boys, really do not belong in the grown ups world.


  3. Why not do as I have done and write to the General Secretary of the UN outlining the vileness of the UK Government at the present time and giving details of Schapp’s intellectual ability in respect of these matters?

    Copies available on request.


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