Rise Up

This is an unashamed promotion of the Banner Theatre 1st May Band who are fantastic, inspiring and (as with any left wing body) in need of financial support.  Banner Theatre company  has performed at trade union events, pubs, clubs, theatres, festivals and rallies over the past 40 years… This is their song ‘Rise Up’ from the ‘Fighting the Cuts’ show.

Uploaded on Nov 11, 2011

‘Rise Up’ is a release from Banner Theatre’s 1st of May Band. It is their contribution to the struggle against this lethal Con Dem government.

Music has always played a part in working people’s resistance and  it is difficult to overestimate its power to educate, galvanise and counter despair.  They would love to perform at a meeting near you..

The Banner Theatre say:

Fighting the Cuts

The Con-Dem government have launched a major attack on Britain’s welfare state, threatening the jobs and living standards of millions of working people.

Whose crisis?  They claim that the national deficit demands massive cuts in our public services.  The truth is neo-liberal governments throughout the world created the crisis, allowing the global banking system to career out of control in its unfettered pursuit of profit.

Who will pay?  Not the fat cats.  As usual, they expect ordinary working people to pay with the most savage cuts that this country has seen since the 1930s.

Our answer?  Resistance!

Banner Theatre was founded in 1973/4 and creates powerful, innovative, issue-based multimedia theatre productions, which it tours to community audiences.

1st May Band from the Banner Theatre performed at the 3rd Lewes Festival of Trade Unionism and Socialism.  Other Lewes (East Sussex) events for the festival include:

Alternatives to Austerity – Elephant and Castle, Monday 30th September 2013 – 7.30pm (Free + bucket collection)

Women and Socialism – The Royal Oak, Thursday 3rd October 2013 – 7.30pm  (Free + bucket collection)

Anti-Capitalist Roadshow: Leon Rosselson and Frankie Armstrong – All Saints Centre, Tuesday 8th October 2013 – £12 on the door/ £10 in advance

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