9 thoughts on “How Capitalism works

  1. It’s taken 35 years of rampant neo-liberalism for the sytsem to start to be seriosuly questioned, not just in dangerous radical lefty sites like this but more and more in the mainstream media too. I wonder how long we have to wait for it to be acknowledged that trickle -down hasn’t worked in a thousand years, and we shouldn’t be holding our breaths waiting for it to happen. Let’s think about it – are we really any better off than we were 35 years ago? Of course not – inequality has worsened by all ways of assessing it.


  2. This is good stuff and deserves a wider audience. I contribute to the new Sussex Trade Union Network site – I’ll post links to this stuff on that site. Thanks and solidarity.


  3. My main argument against the current system is that it is politically sealed. The national governments have made it impossible for us to decide what system we want to implement in our countries. It doesn’t matter what system we would prefer under the current conditions when even socialist/labour parties implement only the neoliberal policies dictated by the neoliberal World Government. Austerity is not only a left-related issue – for a long time it has been the means for a global genocide.


    • I agree. The political system is designed to block rather than facilitate the will of the people. However, 1945 UK and Rooseveldt’s New Deal demonstrated that, even within the intentional constraints, radical change is possible. What has been lacking has been political will .. and the courage to reject the City of London and the imposition of their corporatocracy.


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