Owen Jones attacks the BBC’s pro-establishment bias

Owen Jones on the BBC’s pro-establishment bias – Newsnight

A Very Public Sociologist writes – ‘Why the BBC news ignored the People’s Assembly March’

Content analysis shows its current affairs coverage dresses to the right.  My own number crunching of Question Time found there was a bias toward rightwing guests.  In this instance, is the BBC’s reportage, or lack, underscoring a straightforward Tory bias?  Well, it does speak of pronounced lean to, but the reasons aren’t as simple as one might suppose.  We’re going to have to grub around in the political economy of BBC news production once more.

Read the whole piece for a review of the BBC’s cognitive bias, what the establishment considers newsworthy and its institutional long term interests.  However, Phil concludes on this positive note:

…..That’s what it comes back to, the web of institutions, interests, and habits of mind the BBC are a constitutive part of.  Getting a feature is not the be all and end all of protesting.  Anti-austerity campaigns have been carrying on regardless since the Tories’ first round of cuts.  There’s no reason to believe that’s going to change.  However, the only way the BBC will report the anti-austerity message is by making it, if you pardon the ugly word, unignorable.  And come the TUC-backed march against austerity in the Autumn, we have every chance of making that happen.


4 thoughts on “Owen Jones attacks the BBC’s pro-establishment bias

  1. That’s nuts. Of course the BBC has a pro-establishment bias. The establishment are the people in control! It’s our fault if there are people in power we don’t like; not the BBC’s. Whoever is in power should be under scrutiny; I don’t think Question Time is exactly an easy ride, is it?! don’t think anyone is suggesting the BBC doesn’t front any alternative voices at all. This makes me so cross – Mr Jones is basically doing the same thing to the BBC the Tories are doing to the NHS: squabbling it out of existing.


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