Tony Benn: The case against the EU is its lack of Democracy

Tony Benn resisted the entry to the Common market in the first place, and continued to oppose it as undemocratic.

 In Arguments for Democracy (1981) Benn is scathing about the fact that multinationals’ profits “made in one country can be exported to another where perhaps wage rates or taxes are low” (sound familiar today?). He goes on in the same pages to criticise the subjugation of British foreign policy to that of the United States before announcing a page later that joining the Common Market was “the most formal surrender of British sovereignty and parliamentary democracy that has ever occurred in our history”. from Civitas

The Greek crisis has finally brought the lack of democracy in the structures of European Union to the forefront.  Tony Benn explains why the left opposed and should continue to oppose the EU.

Uploaded on Sep 26, 2007

Tony Benn talks about the ‘big issue’ of the EU constitutional treaty at the Labour Party conference in Bournemouth, and there is a link to the full meeting here, which also features Austin Mitchell, and Kelvin Hopkins. Tony Benn speaks at about 5:40 mins.

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