Answer to a silly question about Jeremy Corbyn

‘I have been a member of the Labour Party since 1960. I am 70 years of age. So I don’t need any lessons in supporting the Party, through thick and thin over the last 55 years. I supported Wilson, I supported Callaghan, I supported Foot, I supported Kinnock, I supported John Smith, and I tolerated Tony Blair, until Iraq. That is where I drew the line. I supported Ed Miliband, whilst the traitorous Blairites tried to undermine him.

I support the aims that Nye Bevan embraced. He spoke about the commanding heights of the economy being under public control. There is great support for the public ownership of the Railways and the Utilities. Jeremy Corbyn understands this and he wishes to re-establish Party democracy to the Labour Party.

Many people are fed up with having, the totally untalented sons and daughters of past Labour ministers and leaders, parachuted into their constituences without the consultation of local members.

So, we who support Corbyn are saying no more, enough is enough. We lost in England, and we lost in Scotland because of this. So I will be supporting the original reason for Labour’s creation, as is Mr Corbyn. That is why I will be supporting him. I hope this answers your rather silly question.’

With apologies to the unknown author for ‘stealing’ your words.  They reflect the experience of so many long-term Labour Party members and deserve to be shared far and wide as a response to the ‘increasingly charmless’ New Labour attacks on Jeremy Corbyn.  

What was the ‘silly question’?  

“So, if Jeremy isn’t elected as Leader, will you still support whoever is?”

Frankly, what a bloody cheek! 

5 thoughts on “Answer to a silly question about Jeremy Corbyn

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I campaigned for a party led by Tony Blair because the Conservative Party is the enemy of economic equality. I campaigned for a party led by Gordon Brown because the Conservative Party is the common enemy of all working people and the poor. I campaigned for a party led by Ed Miliband as I voted for him and he was a breath of fresh air, fighting against the economic injustice of ConDem policies.

    I will campaign for a Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn not because I agree with all of his views. I will campaign for the Labour Party led by him because he represents hope and compassion. Because he is in touch with how my family live. He is reserved despite the vicious and hysterical attacks by some in his own party. I will campaign for him, because for the first time I not only believe in him, I respect him. He is a movement for the majority. He represents the end of the trough out of which neo-liberals in each of the main political parties feed.

    He is our hope for a better country and a safer world.


  2. I am of the same age and experience and totally agree with all you say. I can’t believe what I am hearing from our past leaders. They are only showing they had a different agenda to the man in the street.


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