After the Brexit war, Labour and socialism to win the Peace

Is anyone else feeling stunned after the outcome yesterday? I certainly am.

In Labour heartlands there is a predominately leave vote, and if Labour were to come out all for Remain, or a second referendum we’d be looking at an increased majority and increasingly right wing government – if that’s possible!
May is herself, increasingly stubborn, and perhaps very ill. She is incapable of compromise and full of hate.

The people are looking on appalled at the irresponsibility of it all. There is no honesty, just hostility.
It is a critical time for our constitution, for our democracy, and for our society.

If a compromise can be established, and then confirmed with a confirmatory vote, we may find conclusion.

My hope is, that after this is all over, after the fight, whatever is the outcome, that as in 1945, after the war, the Labour Party can win the peace and put paid to the poverty and the austerity and the injustice which caused all this mess in the first place, and that my grandchildren can have the same opportunities from socialism which I have had.
We have to hope.

4 thoughts on “After the Brexit war, Labour and socialism to win the Peace

  1. I agree with this. We are living in desperate times and it feels as if our political system is breaking down whilst the majority of the population are stunned, confused and angry. We have dangerous divisions in our increasingly right wing society and a blame culture.
    Large swathes of people are merely existing now, not living and many more have become desensitized to what has been happening here since the days of the Thatcher regime. The gradual and intentional removal of the Welfare State and cynical breakdown of the notion of Society in favour of extreme Capitalist individualism.
    Where will it end? Like Pamplemousse I live in hope of a Socialist revival but without a major reworking of our political system, a culture of compromise and equality and yes, maybe people protesting on the streets on mass, I can see the painl continuing.

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  2. The cognitive dissonance that hunger and poverty induce has been weaponised against the working class. As another blogger observed, those being made to interact with the DWP and jobcentres are too concerned about the next meal to worry about brexit. They live in a constant state of hunger, poverty, fear, and chasing money that even when it arrives in simply insufficient to keep their body and lives together.

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  3. I am feeling totally disillusioned wth politics generally.
    Our local CLP goes thru usual items and trying to get them to have a broader talk and discussion is/has been hard work. Most folk go to meetings, not much research into areas of concern. NHS/Housing/Environment etc. Our Leadership makes nice speeches but there is not much it appears in action or methods to inspire/motivate our members. How are others finding it ?. The lack of feedback here shows an example of tiredness !. Rgds.


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