The fragility of our democracy is paramount

Whether Labour members are backing Remain or want a worker’s deal to leave the EU, I think it is the whole structure of British Constitution and Law which is under threat with Johnson’s premiership.

I think it is specifically a No Deal by set date which is his aim, and according to his sister , pressure may be coming from his backers explaining his behaviour as they look to make a financial windfall from speculations.

Boris Johnson’s pro-Brexit backer Crispin Odey has made a £300m bet against British businesses and stands to make huge profits from the woes of the UK economy.

The firm owned by the multimillionaire hedge fund tycoon, who made millions betting against the pound after the 2016 referendum, has taken out £299m in “short” positions on some of Britain’s biggest firms.

His apparent lack of confidence in flagship British groups, including Royal Mail and the shopping centre owner Intu, implies that he expects their share prices to fall as the pound continues to tumble.

According to fresh data obtained by IHS Markit and Short Tracker, Odey Asset Management has “short” positions on 16 UK listed firms — and has increased its “short” position on six of them.

But people think he is fighting the establishment for the people.

Meanwhile propaganda is appearing in our primary schools.

And people are cheering this? They did much the same to Hitler in the 1930s.

So what is the point of a monarchy if it cannot be used as an emergency jettison of an extreme dictator?

Can the Queen intervene? If not, then there is no point in a monarchy.

The solution is to remove Johnson from office, and replace with an interim Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn, and then immediately have a General Election, because the fragility of our Constitution is very real.

There is a very narrow window of opportunity which should be taken.

The SNP and Caroline Lucas, Green Party will back Jeremy Corbyn as an interim Prime Minister in order to block No Deal Brexit. I hope the Liberal Democrats demonstrate their integrity, and will follow the sensible course of action.

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