This Election is about so much more than Brexit

On December 12th, our country goes to the polls for a General Election, the most important election in decades. It is a unique election, and there are a lot of strong feelings, and it is likely to be a very high turnout. It is a unique election following a time where our constitution and democracy has been tested, and among a Brexit Crisis. It has been three years since the referendum, when a Conservative government with a majority promised and failed to deliver the result of that referendum, and while debates on that one issue seem to have continually filled the airwaves, among gloom, depression, anger, and even hate. But this election is about much more than Brexit, and now is the time for us to consider what sort of country we want to live in. Do we want to see more of the same, or do we want to change?

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This Election is about so much more than Brexit

Betty Field writes:

I won’t post much about the General Election but have to say this:

Wake up and listen to the bull coming from the Tories.

They want to “get Brexit done and get on with the business of uniting the country”.

This election is not just about Brexit.

I hope people open their eyes, their ears and their hearts and recognise that it is a Tory government that has caused this country to be broken.

A vote for the conservatives means a vote for more poverty, a vote for more homelessness, a vote for more deaths through savage cuts, a vote for more deaths and violence on our streets and the sale of the NHS……………..

I don’t believe a single word of their lies. They say the will put 20,000 more police on the streets but that doesn’t even cover what they have already cut and they won’t do it anyway.

Surely, we can recognise who has supported the mega rich by robbing from the poor and the sick.

Surely, unless you are one of those mega-rich you have nothing to gain by voting for more misery, for that is what you get by supporting Johnson and his crew.

This is an opportunity for real change, a chance to replace a government that has sucked the life blood out of this country and actually laugh about it.

This is a chance to unite the country by getting rid of a government for the rich and replacing it with a government for everyone.

Please think about what you would do if you became sick or disabled or were unfortunate enough to lose your job or your home and think what support would you get under this current government!

Anyone can fall on hard times through no fault of their own and only a Labour government will offer the support needed at such a time.

There is a chance for change. Let’s grab it.

We are all surely sick of what we’ve got so let’s stop believing the lies Tories and the media are saying about Jeremy Corbyn  and start thinking for ourselves.

Make sure you have your say to change things and unite our country, and you can register to vote here.