Labour Announces Fund of £58 BN to Compensate #WASPI Women

Labour Government will Compensate #WASPI Women

The Labour Party has announced a fund of £58 billion to address the massive ‘historic injustice’ inflicted on 1950s-born women by the government, which moved their fixed pension age and robbed them of tens of thousands of pounds each in pension entitlement.

The five-year policy will see women born between April 6, 1950 and April 6, 1959 receive £100 for each week of state pension they have lost.

Anyone eligible will start receiving cash within months of a Labour victory at the December 12 election.

These women were not properly informed and were unable to plan for a revised retirement age, leaving many facing severe hardship – women born in the 1950s whose pension age was changed without warning, and who had already made life- plans on the understanding of receiving their pension at 60. The ‘Women Against State Pension Age Injustice’ have become known as ‘WASPI’ women.

More than 3 million women who believe they have been left thousands of pounds out of pocket after steep increases to the state pension age are being promised compensation by Labour as part of a £58bn scheme designed to end a “historic injustice”. In the party’s latest major policy announcement, shadow chancellor John McDonnell said that a “debt of honour” was owed to women born in the 1950s who say they were given insufficient notice of big changes to the state pension age.

In the party’s latest major policy announcement, shadow chancellor John McDonnell said that a “debt of honour” was owed to women born in the 1950s who say they were given insufficient notice of big changes to the state pension age. In an interview with the Observer, he said that Labour would introduce a universal scheme that would see the women affected given a maximum payment of £31,300, with an average payment of £15,380 .

John McDonnell says party ‘owes debt of honour’ to 3 million women.

“We’re recognising this is a historic injustice that we think we have a debt of honour to address,” McDonnell said. “I think there is a rightful sense of injustice that’s been built up by these women about how they were treated. Most of them felt they had a contract between them and the government on their pension.

Boris Johnson tells woman he ‘can’t magic up her pension’

ON FRIDAY 21st November, Boris Johnson refused to say he would recompense missed pension funds when asked during the BBC Question Time leaders’ special about whether he would keep an earlier promise do so. In 2017, Theresa May told a nurse, that there was ‘no magic money tree’ for a pay rise, and just two years later Johnson has said he ‘could not magic that money.‘ It seems that Tories can ensure billions of tax-free profits for firms like Amazon , or bribing the DUP, but not extend it to nurses, and people who have paid in for their pension, only to find it snatched away. Their moniker of ‘nasty party’ is well deserved.

The Daily Mirror Reports:

“Boris Johnson tonight scotched his own pledge to help millions of women hit by state pension age rises in a breathtaking live TV U-turn. The Prime Minister went back on his claim during the Tory leadership contestthat he would “return to this issue with fresh vigour” after ‘WASPI’ women begged him for help. Back in the summer he claimed: “The Treasury raise some stupefying sum that they say will be necessary to deal with it. I’m not convinced that’s necessarily true. Let’s see what we can do.” Yet tonight he came face-to-face with one of the women hit on a BBC Question Time special – and told her it was very expensive. He added: “I cannot promise that I can magic up that money for you tonight.”

You can watch the video clip in the Daily Mirror article.

The incident is likely to draw immediate comparisons with Theresa May – who infamously told a nurse there was no “magic money tree” in 2017 on the same programme. He said he “sympathised deeply” and “would love to magic a solution” but it is “very expensive” to sort out.

Tide Turning in Election

WASPI women said that Johnson had thrown away 3.6 million womens’ votes in the first minute or so of his Question Time appearance – but the reality is that the number is probably far higher, as the loved ones of the robbed women are also likely to turn their back on the Tory bandits.

The incoming Labour government will right the wrong done to the nation’s mothers and grandmothers. It is an injustice which has left women who have worked hard all their lives, some of whom have had to rely on benefits or carrying on working when they may have planned to look after grandchildren or had plans for retirement and are now are left out-of-pocket.  It is scandalous that the money which was destined to pay for these women’s pensions is in the pockets of obscenely rich billionaires tucked away in some tax haven. The Labour Party cares about ordinary people like #WASPI women and have always stood by them in their fight for justice.

This major announcement from the Labour Party could be an event deciding the outcome of the election, as Johnson showed on BBC Question Time that he does not care about ordinary people he is unpopular and unfit to govern our country.

Everyone, register to vote, and vote Labour on December 12th, for these women, for the NHS, for students, for parents, for workers, for the disabled, for the homeless, for the small businesses, for the teachers, the nurses, the doctors, the firefighters, for our planet, for yourself, your loved ones and for your communities. A Labour government will be there for all of us , not the billionaires.