Swindon Couple turn from voting Tory to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour


My wife and I voted for the Conservatives in the past. You could call us ‘floating voters’ as we never had any strong affiliation towards any party. We voted for David Cameron and the Lib Dem-Conservative coalition did not bother us.

We felt austerity was working and more people were at work, the media portrayed the Conservatives as the saviours of the economy and we believed them.

We were not personally affected by austerity. We don’t have any children, rarely use the NHS and we were not expecting anything back for the tax we were paying.

We go about our daily lives and take very little interest in politics like any other person. Having lived in 3 other countries, I have never seen any politician who actually cares about people. Politics was a dirty word – the less you got involved the better.

Once the Labour leadership race was over, we came to notice its newly elected leader. To be frank we were not impressed. He was not polished like other politicians and we were wondering why on earth Labour members elected him – overwhelmingly.

Then the media onslaught began. There was no single day where we did not hear something negative about Jeremy Corbyn. We ignored it at first but it was so relentless that we had to take notice. We wanted to know why he was such a bad person – we were just curious to be honest.

We initially reached out to people who were commenting negatively about him on social media. The answer we got was that he was just bad and useless. Why is he useless or bad? No reason given – he just is. This made us more curious. We began our research.

All we saw were good things about him. Strong principles that not just cared about local issues but he was also an internationalist who cared about global issues.

We were captivated by this man, Jeremy Corbyn who has been there all our lives but we never knew about him.

The more we read about Corbyn, his history, voting records, his unshakable principles that never changed no matter the pressure he was put under – these were the things that attracted us.

Billionaires who evade tax but give pittance to charities are adored and praised as pillars of society but people who actually try to make change through real policies are portrayed as villains by the establishment.

Looking back at his life, Corbyn was ahead of his time – in term of inclusivity, gay rights, animal welfare and green issues; things we care about now. What really surprised us was how ‘accurate’ he has been about the impacts of almost every major issue that affects the world today – from wars to austerity. He almost predicted the future! This man is one of a kind!

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect this amazing person to lead our country and change the world! I can tell the future generation that I voted for Corbyn and I was part of the change!


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