Gove Versus Reality


Michael Gove doesn’t need to listen to experts or tell the truth.  His aim is not to improve education.  His task is to parallel that of the reorganisation of the NHS .. the ultimate aim of both being to funnel public funds, straight into the pockets of the private sector.  By creating chaos and debilitating State education/NHS, he/they hope to persuade the general public (without triggering a revolution) that the profit-making private sector must be brought in to rescue the system.  Assets like school buildings, playing fields, hospitals are silently taken away from public control and handed over to unelected and unaccountable bodies.  This is a return to the days of primary accumulation, or as Marx preferred to call it, Looting!

Gove Versus Reality

Gove Versus Reality looks at the policies pursued by Michael Gove for his radical and draconian transformation of the English education system challenging his assumptions and the evidence he advances to support his approach.



Dear Mr Gove by Jess Green


Superb on every level – 5 minutes you won’t regret.


Written and performed by poet Jess Green.
Part of her first full length show, currently in development for Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014.
twitter: @greenellenjess

Film made by Nathan Human

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Gove Versus Reality

Wealth inequality in the UK


Hat-tip Jon Lansman at Left Futures Forward thinking for the democratic left


Inequality has been rising for 30 years. The gap between rich and poor is the widest since the second world war. If current trends continue, we will have reached Victorian levels of inequality in 20 years. Sign up to weekly email briefings to get the full facts.

Attila Stockbroker’s Tribute to Bob Crow


Attila Stockbroker


Radio 4 asked me to write a poem in honour of Bob Crow for their obit programme, so I did.  I could sense the dilemma in the producer’s voice: he liked the poem, but I knew he was worried, I knew they wouldn’t run it, and they’re not.  It’s not the first time that has happened to me.

Funny how ‘balance’ is always a problem for the BBC, but not the Tory press.  Democracy, eh?

If you like it, SHARE it!  Let see if we can get it to reach more people than if it WAS on Radio 4!


There was a man who held his ground.

Fought every inch, and won the day.

His legacy, his members’ lot:

Good work conditions, decent pay.

By Tories and their tabloid dupes

And those who seek more than their share

Just like Millwall, his favourite team,

He wasn’t liked, and didn’t care.


But those who worked in transport knew

Their leader stood right by their side.

No management could lay them low:

They wore their union badge with pride.

He spoke for passengers as well:

Safety, not profit, always first.

Opposing fatal funding cuts -

Paddington, Potters Bar the worst.


Bob Crow.  A boxer’s grandson, he:

Led with the left and packed a punch.

The bosses knew he’d take them on:

No smarmy smile, no cosy lunch.

We need more like him, that’s for sure:

Upfront and honest to the last.

He bargained hard and kept his word.

A union leader unsurpassed.


As zero hours contracts grow

And bosses offer Hobson’s choice

Let us not mourn, but organize:

Get off our knees and find our voice!

This man worked hard for workers’ rights:

A fair wage, a safe, steady job.

So join a union and stand firm.

That’s the best way to honour Bob.