The Conserve-atives are not conserving our Ancient Woodlands.

Capitalist history is riddled with the unintended environmental consequences of what has been wrought and some of these consequences (such as species and habitat extinctions) are irreversible.

One of the most worrying aspects of the changes to planning rules, proposed by the Tory-LibDem government, is the lack of protection for Ancient Woodlands.

Ancient woods are defined as being more than 400 years old but may well be very much older, some being remnants of the first forests which covered the British Isles.  The undisturbed nature of these sites provides a unique ecosystem which cannot be reproduced by re-planting or landscaping.  It is a complex web of inter-related and dependent organisms, many of which are microscopic or hidden underground… for more information view The Woodland Trust video:

Since the 1930s, we have lost over 50% of ancient woodlands…. And presumably all of those destructions would have been justified by the current government’s cynical misnomer of “sustainable’ development.

It is astounding, that the Conserve-ative party should be facilitating this extreme form of environmental vandalism… supported by the supposedly ‘green’ and responsible Liberal Democrats.

Time is running out in the consultation around the new planning changes proposed by Government in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). To take action, log onto:

Contact your local MP and explain that the Ancient woodlands are the UK equivalent of the rainforests. Once destroyed they are gone forever, and with them their oasis-like capacity to re-seed the UK with our indigenous flora and fauna.

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