Swinson: The Principle is Power, All the Rest is Propaganda


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The Principle is Power, All the Rest is Propaganda Jim Grundy Politics attracts a diverse group of people. They include those motivated by a genuine desire to do what is best for the community, focused on the issues, to the … Continue reading

The other reasons why Labour lost in 2015


For the most part, Margaret Beckett has managed to avoid the firing line for her 35 page report as to why Labour lost the 2015 GE.  Essentially, the report (which can be read here) does not fit easily into the … Continue reading

It is the Tories who have a 30% strategy


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It is the Tories who have a 30% strategy by Michael Burke First posted on Socialist Economic Bulletin 20.05.14 Ed Miliband is accused of having a ‘35% strategy’, meaning that he is banking on doing only just enough to win an … Continue reading

Dear Lib Dems


Posted on May 27, 2014 by julijuxtaposed  Dear Lib Dems,  I know you’re heavily distracted right now but you and your leader seem confused about what has gone wrong. You got excited. You thought, like most of the people back in 2010, … Continue reading

“Tories ousted by Labour coup?” Worcester or Westminster?


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Tories Ousted? What Coup? ….Westminster or Worcester….? Something interesting happened recently in Worcester – The Labour Party, Lib Dems and Greens formed a coalition and ousted the Conservative leader who had led the council for seven years. This was because … Continue reading