The Dirty War and the NHS film #DirtyWarNHS #NotForSale


Watch this film and discover the truth about the Tories’ plans for the NHS. The Tories are desperate for people not to watch it. They banned it from Tv until after the election.


Watch it, Share it, Vote the Tories Out, Vote Labour on December 12th,


Brexit is a Tory Creation and a Tory Failure


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Brexit is a Tory Creation and a Tory Failure Move over, it’s Labour’s turn Brexit was a Tory creation, in an ill thought out referendum from David Cameron. It is the creation of a Tory majority government who have been … Continue reading

All I want for Christmas is ….


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A General Election? Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister? Well there is no doubt about it that a Labour government just in time for Christmas would make millions of people very, very happy and the prospect of a 2020 vision for a … Continue reading

Swinson: The Principle is Power, All the Rest is Propaganda


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The Principle is Power, All the Rest is Propaganda Jim Grundy Politics attracts a diverse group of people. They include those motivated by a genuine desire to do what is best for the community, focused on the issues, to the … Continue reading

Enough is Enough


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None of us, none of us is tolerant of terrorism. We are sad, angry, shocked and hurt. But we aren’t stupid. Cuts to police and army because of ideological austerity is bad enough. But these awful acts are funded by … Continue reading