Is the #LabourManifesto the Turning Point of this election campaign?


Labour’s Manifesto is here! What’s Labour’s vision for socialism in 21st century Britain? And will it be a turning point in the campaign? With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.

LABOUR PARTY Election Manifesto Launch 2019 #RealChange


The Labour Party manifesto for 2019 in Birmingham was welcomed with cheers, and tears of emotion and joy. Labour presented its radical plan for real change for our people, and our planet. It was so inspiring, many of us were overwhelmed by emotion at the proposed plans to rebuild Britain, and improve lives for us all. HERE IT IS

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Spirit of 45 revisited


This is an excerpt from Ken Loach’s film, ‘Spirit of 45′

An Excerpt from The Spirit of ’45


In 1945, Labour’s Aneurin Bevan brought in the NHS to eradicate Health Poverty, as described here. Now in 2019, we face the prospect that Tory privatisation plans will return Health Poverty to the British people. We can stop them by finding that determined ‘Spirit of ‘45‘ again  by voting in a Labour government.
‘Never again’ meant ‘No’ to war, and ‘No’ to a peace which just benefited the bosses and not working people. We must preserve the NHS for our children, our grandchildren, and those not yet born. That is the way to honour those who fought a war, and those  who voted for our NHS in 1945 for a peace for the people. We will again find the spirit of ’45, and we will again vote in a Labour socialist government and we will say ‘Never Again’ to cruel austerity.
  1. Spirit of ’45, Official trailer
  2. The Sell Off Movie

The NHS, The Sell Off Movie


The Sell Off Movie, The Great NHS Heist, Shortened Version

If you missed The Sell-Off movie from 2016, about The Tory  sell off plans for the NHS, here it is again. The Johnson government, if re-elected would push on and complete these Tory plans, and permanently make our NHS a privatised system.

In government,  the Labour Party will halt NHS privatisation and remove all traces of privatisation in our NHS

Tony Benn never doubted the Labour movement


It is a sadness that Tony Benn did not live to see the landslide election of Jeremy Corbyn but he never doubted that it could, and would happen… as he makes clear at the end of this speech in the video clip above.

It is very fitting that Jeremy Corbyn should be elected on the anniversary of Allende’s death in Chile.  Pinochet’s dictatorship has acted as a template for the neoliberal ascendancy in the western world, and let us hope that the overwhelming support for Jeremy’s leadership signals the beginning of a ‘domino’ effect for left parties across Europe, and the world in general.  It is fear of this sort of popular rejection of neoliberalism which underpins the trade deals like TTIP… and explains the urgent attempts of the financial-corporate nexus to lock in de-regulation and privatisation, beyond the reach of democratically elected governments.

Now the task is to take on the Tories and their devastatingly, destructive policies both at home and internationally.

We’ll Stop the Red Flag Turning Blue!!


Stop the Red Flag Turning Blue! It’s Time for A Change! Dave W Mac

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