The Dirty War and the NHS film #DirtyWarNHS #NotForSale


Watch this film and discover the truth about the Tories’ plans for the NHS. The Tories are desperate for people not to watch it. They banned it from Tv until after the election.


Watch it, Share it, Vote the Tories Out, Vote Labour on December 12th,


Children suffer from Banker’s Greed


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While the bankers are making massive wealth in the UK, not seen since Victorian times, the Dickensian levels of poverty reflect those times too. These are both outcomes of an unbridled capitalist system. The first outcome causes the other. That … Continue reading

Most people love Labour’s policies so let’s make it reality and ditch the Tories!


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The paradox from R J Murphy’s latest blog outlines how everyone is loving Labour’s policies. People are fed up of being ripped off and yet some are still prepared to vote for more from Tories. The cliche of turkeys and … Continue reading

How green is Green? Green Left Rejects Pact with Lib Dems.


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This is the Climate Election which will decide the future of our planet. Labour is committed to The Green New Deal. With floods, hurricanes and bush-fires becoming more frequent, the Tories short-sightedness as demonstrated  by their recent U-turn on fracking … Continue reading

Insensitive Tories dismiss floods in North and Midlands


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The Tories, with their Eton schooling and privileged lives are so out of touch with the realities of our daily lives, they don’t even know when they’ve made an insensitive comment. We are told by Tories that Rees-Mogg would be cleverer … Continue reading

Boris Johnson is humiliated again. It’s third time unlucky for hospital stunt but it’s the same EVERYWHERE in the NHS.


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It is a well known trick  of Tories, when they want to privatise a public asset, to take it into private hands by stealth, they deliberately underfund it, understaff it and then argue that it is failing, and they argue … Continue reading