A Letter to Ed Miliband

Dear Ed Miliband,

I have found myself questioning what principles I would like Labour to encapsulate of late.

For some time it has been clear to me what the key issues are that requires fixing in the United Kingdom:

  • An inequality based on thirty years of Neo-Liberal policies
  • A growing democratic deficit both in the UK and EU
  • The creeping privatisation of public services started by New Labour becoming a stampede under the coalition
  • A refusal to accept and respond to the growing man-made environmental catastrophe that is unfolding
  • A failure to acknowledge peak oil, and the scarcity of the resources that mean that growth based on consumerism is fatally flawed going forward
  • A national housing crisis that remains unsolved

This is by no means a comprehensive list. However, it is my view that the Labour Party has failed grasp these issues. The Tories certainly won’t, but if I want to campaign for a decent future for my children another party must.

You have stated many times that New Labour is dead. However, the ghost of Blair still possesses much of the PLP, against a majority of the grass-roots membership. Let us not forget that Tony Blair essentially embraced the Neo-Liberal consensus, as did Gordon Brown. Yes, it was dressed up to look like it wasn’t, but an animal with two humps and four legs is always a camel.

In many speeches you have hinted that you understand my concerns, yet no actions or commitments have been made that give me any confidence you will commit Labour to seriously following through your good intentions. I understand the establishment will be hostile, but to make a change you must face this. Universal suffrage, the abolition of slavery and the creation of the Unions did not occur without serious fights. The fight to rid us Neo-Liberalism will be no easier.

Where is Labour’s clear backing of the protesters outside St, Pauls? These are the first cohort fighting this battle. Consider it a new start up company, like an embryonic Microsoft. A small investment now is easy, but if the movement grows into something bigger (which I am sure it will) that investment will result in huge rewards.

I have considered deeply, and only The Green Party offer the vision I want for the world I want for my children.

Others in Think Left will fight the good fight from within the Labour Party. However, I choose an alternative path.  Therefore, I will be resigning my Labour Membership, to join the Greens.

I wish you well, as change in our country will rely on Labour taking an alternative path with many obstacles.

For the sake of our future generations be bold.

9 thoughts on “A Letter to Ed Miliband

  1. There’s no contradiction, IMO between joining the Greens and writing for Think Left. Red and Green are on the same side of the political struggle in just about everything.
    I’m pretty much tribally Labour, but if I was going to join another party it would be the Greens.


    • Thank you for that support.

      It’s funny you mention Michael Meacher. His blog is a favourite of mine, and many of the contributors to Think Left hold him in the very highest esteem.


  2. Wisden.

    That is very true.. and the gossip was that Ed Miliband was marginalised by the Cabinet during his time at DECC for the same reason. In fact, he was also removed from writing the 2010 manifesto.

    I see Garry’s move as extremely positive in creating another space in which the left of the LP and the Greens can work together. As Julian has said already, for Think Left, there is no contradiction in our beliefs and values… Red/Green or Green/Red … we all want the same outcomes, a rejection of neoliberal capitalism and creating a positive out of the financial crisis by taking the action necessary to avoid the disasters of Peak oil and further man-made climate change. The cutting of the feed-in tariffs today is further evidence that neoliberalism, or neofeudalism, has no interest in addressing either.


  3. I understand the frustrations Garry expresses. Labour needs to be far more vocal in addressing Green issues. I have also been disappointed with Labour’s apparent move to the right recently with appointment of the new shadow cabinet.
    I will continue to work within the Labour Party, as a member, but would welcome closer association between Labour and The Greens. The policies which Think Left stands for will remain the same as our contributors share the priorities expressed in our statement. I hope that Garry finds in the future that a greener Labour Party is the party which represents his views and priorities. Personally I believe Labour is the only party capable of ousting the Conservatives from power. However that should not be power at any cost, as it was with Blair in power.
    We would all welcome more contributors with the same aims which we share.


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