Stand Up! Stand Up for Workers!

Stand up for Workers! All Workers! 

Why? Because without the workers there is nothing, no wealth, no health, no education, no food – no life. For without workers we all perish. The capitalists will try to tell us it is money that makes the world go round. Well the world went round before there was money. Money as an idea developed from bartering, a way of sharing resources, and division of labour for efficiency as individuals acquired specialist skills. But in itself it is nothing.

We do the work; someone else takes the profit Think Left!

Wealth comes from human beings. It’s as simple as that. It comes from human beings engaging with nature in an intelligent and productive way in order to make all of the things we want and need. It is work that makes wealth. This is so obvious an observation that it hardly needs commenting upon. All of the classical economists understood it: Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill, as well as Karl Marx. “

What excessive wealth does do, is lead to corruption, and from that corruption potentially for one group of individuals to attempt to exert control. And that is where we are today. The money has become a parasite which has eaten away at its host. But that parasite cannot thrive without the energy which is derived from workers’ toil, without unpolluted, unmuddied water and without the shelter that is provided by those who perceive a symbiotic relationship, when the truth is this is very much all one-way.

 Britain Under Siege – Think Left

There are nearly 100 coalition MPs with connections to the financial service industries through past employment.  

The bankers talk of “growth”. What growth can there be without workers? Regardless of whether employed by the public sector or the private sector, it is the workers’ efforts on which we depend. The workers are entitled to a decent salary, and to the pensions that they have worked for and which they have contributed to.

Public and Private Workers must be united! Think Left!

“Lies about the previous government’s deficit and the need to cut public expenditure has been justification for cuts to the public sector, and the lie that fair pensions are unaffordable is similar justification in their eyes. Lies, lies and constant government propaganda which amounts to drip fed indoctrination aimed to frighten the electorate, to divide the working class into public and private sectors, each blaming the other for the country’s ills.”

It is unfair that the workers are being asked to pay for the damage caused by the greed of laisser-faire capitalism which is coming to the end of its over-long life. How can this continue? There is an attempt to convince everyone to believe that someone else is to blame.

The Trade Unionists begin the fightback Think Left

We, in Think Left, agree that the Coalition government have utilized the banking crisis to justify unnecessary cuts and a draconian process of dismantling and privatizing the Welfare State, the NHS and education, with the aim of fulfilling the ideological objective of rebalancing the economic and social relations of the UK to the detriment of the overwhelming majority of the population.

When the government came to power, it was doom and gloom apparently caused not by a world wide financial crisis, but by the British Labour Party. Now, despite the cuts to our services, our incomes and pensions, things are still gloomy we are asked to blame the Europeans.

BBC Public Sector pay capped at 1%

Chancellor George Osborne has said public sector pay rises will be capped at 1% for two years, as he lowered growth forecasts for the UK economy.

The number of public sector jobs set to be lost by 2017 has also been revised up from 400,000 to 710,000.

Borrowing and unemployment are set to be higher than forecast and spending cuts to carry on to 2017, he admitted.

The attack on the public sector is an attempt to pay for the insatiable excesses of the very, very wealthy thinking that the British public might not notice. It is an invitation to those who work in the private sector to blame someone else for their misfortunes. Many in the private sector are on poor pay, may have no pension and look for an answer. But the answer is not to blame those who work in the public sector; that is not the answer at all.

The question to ask is what is happening to the fruits of their labour – where do profits evaporate to? The secret has been kept for too long. It is time for transparency and truth about city states and tax havens. Why can someone earn money from workers who pay taxes , yet not pay taxes themselves? It is a conundrum which belies belief. It is a puzzle which defies logic. It is an unfairness which should be unlawful. It can be put right. It must be.

The Tax Haven at the Heart of the IMF  Think Left!

Five Reasons why the Public Sector are right to strike

NeoLiberalism is direct attack on Democracy and workers’ rights.

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