Who pulls the Strings at the BBC?


The BBC should be an important voice, not least because we, the people own it- and its users, ( so that’s us again) – fund it. We would hope to be able to trust it to provide quality educational material and to keep us informed about what is happening in the world, and honest and accurate reporting.

Today, rather than report on Ed Miliband’s letter to the House of Lords about the Health Bill, the BBC bombards us with articles about the Falklands, Syria and disgruntled Christians.

So what is happening at the BBC? We are kept well informed about the goings-on in the Falkland Islands. Is that a co-incidence in that as I remember it was the flag-waving and cheering of the departing ships, which led to a recovery for Margaret Thatcher in 1982 when the public-service cuts were hitting hard?

The BBC inform us of the coming-and-goings of managers of football clubs, and then about complaints from Christians about being marginalised. I am unsure as to why the BBC should be a voice for religious groups – isn’t that what churches are for?

While all this is going on, the most unpopular policies in recent years go unreported by the BBC, and by much of the Press.


The Health Service Reform Bill amounts to privatisation of the National Health Service as the most unpopular policy in sixty years. It is the duty of the BBC to keep us informed, and News is being stifled. Why are the BBC failing to do so?

Neither of the Coalition parties have an overall majority, and, despite campaigning to protect the NHS, the Tory-led Coalition are railroading through privatisation of the health service at great cost to the British people, in terms of health, loss of assets and skills. Both Coalition parties must be held responsible for the destruction of the NHS.

While the Independent reports the cost of 600 million pounds, as a result of the redundancies from NHS cuts, the BBC do not. While the Guardian and the Scottish Herald briefly reported of The Spartacus Report and Disability Living Allowance and Welfare “Reform”, the BBC did not. While Sky News reports that Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party, has written to the House of Lords asking it to drop the Health Bill, the BBC do not. It is the responsibility of the BBC to report and represent the Leader of the Opposition, the Government ensures its activities are reported as they wish them to be.


We are kept informed by the BBC of developments in Libya, in Iran and now in Syria, with the purpose of preparation for war. On Think Left CJ Stone writes of Manufacturing Consent for the Invasion of Iran. The media consensus is to ensure that the US and its allies can depend of governments of the world to open up markets to foreign investment – in other words to multinationals and through the global market ensure that the very rich remain rich and powerful, no matter how much poverty and starvation there is, or no matter what permanent damage to the planet results. Dr Tristan Learoyd’s (Think Left) article on the aftermath of the war in Libya questions whether the Libyan people face really freedoms or that of another tyrant, global unbridled capitalism.

The BBC are consistently failing to report accurately, if at all. They are failing to inform and to educate. Lies and propaganda cloak the facts.

The lack of BBC’s challenging reporting questioning the government’s viewpoint can be shown in their reporting of George Osborne’s agreement with the Swiss banks. The type of language used and the tone of delivery invited certainty in the desirability of this decision. The only caveat referred to was that because the agreement did not come into force until 2013, there was still plenty of time for the secret bank holdings to be moved to somewhere where no tax would be liable!

There was absolutely no recognition, acknowledgement or questioning of the Coalition government’s thinking or motivation in making this settlement. Richard Murphy of Tax Research UK makes clear why the ramifications of this deal should have been discussed:

To say that this is a quite extraordinary act by the UK government massively understates the irresponsibility of what they have agreed.

The UK is apparently going to accept settlement for past tax at around 30% of the assets held in a Swiss account. That might be reasonable if the funds placed in Switzerland had been taxed in the UK before being deposited in Switzerland and it was only the income on those funds that had been evaded since then. But what we know for sure is that most money held in Switzerland got their illicitly – it was not taxed before its arrival in the Alps. It’s tax evaded money.

As a result we would now expect 40% tax (at least) on the capital in all these accounts in Switzerland as a matter of course plus a 100% penalty that might reasonably be charged in a case of deliberate tax evasion (meaning in total 80% of the capital balance should be paid to settle the tax originally evaded) and then there is of course interest due on the late payment plus tax due on the income earned since. Nothing less than 100% is due on these balances – wiping them out of course – and anything else is a scandalous underpayment.

But George Osborne is not going to demand that sum. He’s instead going to accept a tiny part of what is owing. Richard Murphy(Tax Research UK)

In spite of these charges, there was no counterbalance on the BBC, to George Osborne’s extraordinary claim to be ‘cracking down on tax cheats’. But then again there all too rarely seems to be any serious attempt to question government explanation.

The importance of the Swiss settlement is that it is a significant part of a larger process, the ‘shadow economy’ of tax havens which has been so meticulously exposed by Nick Shaxton in his book “Treasure islands: Tax havens and the men who stole the world.’ However, as Nick Shaxton himself described with surprise, in May 2011, ‘the BBC, the heart of British media, doesn’t seem interested.’

‘The argument at the heart of Treasure Islands is about as big as it gets. This really is the hitherto untold story of globalisation. This really is the dark heart of the global economy.’

‘With trillions of dollars – literally trillions – being cycled through this libertarian, anti-democratic system, stripping away taxation, financial regulation, criminal laws, and so on, bending and distorting markets and global capital flows in powerful ways that no economist could ever explain using current models. With Britain, as I mentioned, slap bang in the middle of it all.’

‘Nobody has said, … that there isn’t a gigantic global network of British tax havens quietly hoovering up trillions and funnelling them to the City of London. Nobody has said the City Corporation isn’t this utterly bizarre, ancient and massively powerful organisation at the heart of Britain and the British establishment. Nobody has accused me of making gross factual mistakes, distorting the historical or statistical record, or anything like that. The FT, for instance calls it “meticulously researched.’

‘…. the BBC is shirking on its responsibility to inform and to educate.’


John Christensen was so disturbed by his interview with Evan Davis on the Today program that he wrote an open letter asking why

The frustration of Shaxton and Christensen with the BBC is increasingly being voiced on comment threads. For example:

“Richard, might I ask an unrelated question?

What do you think of the BBC’s current financial coverage? Do you think it is extensive, honesty, penetrating? Is it reflective of the real turmoil and double-dealing taking place in the City of London, or is it supine and obfuscatory? I was stunned to find that the BBC had dedicated part of its website to asking which ‘cuts’ people felt the government should make; and this in spite of the fact that the banks had been handed trillions of pounds of taxpayers money? No mention was made of the fact that the private debt of the the banking sector was transferred to the public’s balance sheet – nor was there any mention that this private debt crisis, because it was shirted onto the public balance sheet, helped to trigger a fiscal and thence sovereign debt crisis! Do you think we are seeing honest reporting of events? If not, how do you think we can go about solving this problem?



‘The price of freedom is eternal vigilance’ which means democracy requires us having access to information which we’re not getting from the BBC.

Inventing Reality : Michael Parenti

“Even if the [media] does not mold our every opinion, it does mold our opinion visibility; it can frame the perceptual limits around which our opinions take shape. Here may lie the most important effect of the news media: they set the agenda for the rest of us, choosing what to emphasize and what to ignore or suppress, in effect, organizing much of our political world for us. The media may not always be able to tell us what to think, but they are strikingly successful in telling us what to think about … the media teach us tunnel vision conditioning us to perceive the problems of society as isolated particulars, thereby stunting our critical vision. Larger casualties are reduced to immediately distinct events, while the linkages of wealth, power and policy go unreported or are buried under a congestion of surface impressions and personalities.

In sum, the media set the limits on public discourse.

They may not always mold opinion, but they do not always have to. It is enough that they create opinion visibility, giving legitimacy to certain views and illegitimacy to others … This power to determine the issue agenda, the information flow, and the parameters of political debate so that it extends from ultra-right to no further than moderate center is, if not total, still totally awesome.”

And so, eventually we know and believe only that which we are permitted to, because that is what suits the powers that be. In generations to come, history can be rewritten if it is allowed to be. Eventually we become nothing but zombies walking around with a false reality.



CJ Stone: Manufacturing Consent for the Invasion of Iran

Dr. Tristan Learoyd : Libya Into Economic Tyranny

Dr. Sue Davies: Spartacus Report shows overwhelming opposition to Coalition’s Welfare “Reforms”

Garry Kitchin Keep Social Media on the Street

Dr. Sue Davies Inadequacies of the BBC’s coverage of the EU’s financial crisis

Pam Field The Truth? Censored! Understanding our World

12 thoughts on “Who pulls the Strings at the BBC?

  1. Reblogged this on Representing the Mambo and commented:
    Excellent article on the BBC, I was reading the other day about Andrew Marr’s nauseating, fawning documentary on the BBC (he’s clearly trying to rehabilitate himself with the establishment after being caught with his trousers, and principles, around his ankles) whose sole object is to make propaganda for the monarchy and maybe get the presenter a knighthood into the bargain.
    Their biased coverage is at times shocking. I stopped watching their news programmes a long time ago and just read newspapers instead.
    Anyway, the piece I’ve linked is long but well worth the effort.


  2. Thanks for writing about this – it is what I have been thinking for a while. I have been feeling exasperated by the pro-government bias of BBC reporting on education. They regularly make statements about Academies being an undisputed success story. This coverage of the Downhills Primary story on the Today programme is fairly typical in which the reporter ‘puts the pro-academy case’ to a Polish mother with poor English http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_9674000/9674686.stm


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  4. If you were sick or disabled you would have noticed the BBC bias at least 18 months ago. Starting with endorsing the government rhetoric about benefit scroungers to soften up public opinion that everyone was feckless, or if ill, a fake. This, so that no one would notice or object when they brought in the Welfare Reform Bill. Yet DWP fraud figures show only 0.5% of DLA claims are fraud. For JSA it is 0.3%. They lose more money in their own administrative errors but these two figures were usually reported together as “fraud”. Disability hate crimes went up 175% last year.

    How many people actually KNOW what is in the Welfare Reform Bill? The BBC hs only told you about the £26,000 Benefit Cap- which a lot of people now think is what everyone on benefits can get – and most people obviously support. It isn’t emphasised that this applies to relatively few and is mostly made up of high rent costs in London.

    They didn’t report that the rebellions in the House of Lords were over such things as cutting disability credits to disabled children by £1500 per year. Or time limiting Contributory ESA to one year. So, if you get sick and have paid National Inurance all your life, you have exactly one year to get better before your ESA will stop. The Lords tried to exclude cancer patients from this completely and make it 2 years for everyone else. The government proudly announced it was going to squash all amendments.

    How many people know the Welfare reform Bill will affect them? Anyone on working tax credits will now have to work 24 hours to qualify, not 16. Both parents will now have to go out to work once the youngest child is 5. The vast majority of Housing benefit claimants are those IN WORK ,needing assistance to top up rents. The WR Bill now means anyone in social housing with one spare bedroom will lose 15% of their rent allowance.The Lords have tried to amend this to exclude the elderly and disabled (who often need a spare room for an overnight carer or to store equipment) The BBC reporting of the Lords Amendments only reported it in terms of the financial impact on the government trying to bring the defecit down and reported the government commitment to overturn their amendments as a jolly good thing too. They didn’t tell the public that even cancer patients will now be made to look for work, unless they can PROOVE at a medical they have less than 6 months to live.

    The Labour Party is just as bad. Now they are hanging their hat on saving the NHS to be popular. But not a mention of the utter fear that is being inflicted on the sick and disabled. No mention that the abolition of DLA and the introduction of PIP in the WR Bill is DESIGNED to deny help to half a million existing claimants. No, not fakes. The vulnerable who have extra costs in daily living through chronic illness or disability. All to be done by introducing an “assessment” along the lines of the current Work Capability Test by Atos,, which has wrongly declared thousands fit for work and cost over £50 million last year to put right at appeal Tribunals.

    The BBC know what an utter failure the Atos assessments are. They ran a disability messageboard for years but shut it down when things started getting a bit political over this. They broadcast a documentary in Scotland only weeks before the election to say how dire the situation was for the long term sick. One Danny Alexander featured throughout, telling everyone how Atos were finding hundreds of thousands of sick people fit for work. Then he became Chancellor of the Exchequer and the BBC has conveniently forgotten this.

    How many people really believe employing Andy Coulson, to give the poor man a “second chance”, was a “mistake”? A master of the “dark arts” was what exactly what the government wanted. Manipulating the media is an ongoing process. The BBC obssession with the Middle East is simply to avoid telling people what is happening far closer to home.


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