Neil Kinnock 1983 response to the Tory/LD Budget 2011

To date only 4% of George Osborne’s cuts, announced in CSR (Comprehensive Spending Review Oct 2008), have been implemented.. 94% are still to come with another 10 billion to be cut from the benefit bill.

The NHS – TINA – Mrs Thatcher’s ideology and political legacy (Dr Sue Davies)
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The NHS Reforms and what they mean for you

Transnational Corporations have not let a good crisis go to waste (Dr Sue Davies)


Hat-tip JG from Hucknall Branch LP

2 thoughts on “Neil Kinnock 1983 response to the Tory/LD Budget 2011

  1. So the Tories have only partially implemented their cuts programme, despite the upheavals across government, with the benefits system and the health service increasingly privatised… it’s obvious to me that they wanted to ensure their reforms got going before the cuts really bite. Makes sense if you think their reforms are, by and large, set to reduce accountability, so the results of future cuts can be blamed on a variety of providers.

    The question for an opposition in this circumstance is how to respond – the government has been ‘selling’ austerity, but not especially delivering it, except in certain cases, mindful of its electoral prospects should they threaten the middle class. You can’t help but think that this all represents a massive opportunity to Labour, but only if it promises something entirely different, to change the game almost entirely by focusing on growth and investment in creative ways.


  2. I completely agree with your assessment, and in particular the last sentence. Without question the principal purpose of this government was to dismantle the welfare state and get the long term contracts safely in place.


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