The human body – a source of profit.

Diamonds are not forever. Some think so, but burn a diamond, and you have carbon dioxide – just more to add to global warming. All that we value, and is precious will soon be lost unless it is cared for.

A baby entering the world today – trusting and looking for love – for those in power will be just another opportunity to increase revenue – another source of income.

As for capitalism, we can hope that finally the match can be ignited which will set fire to this injustice, this greed which separates the people from the wealth which only they can truthfully create. Karl Marx said that religion was the opiate of the masses. Often we may look to football or television for anaesthesia. But the way capitalism now seeks to control the people is so ominous that is beyond normal comprehension. So corrupt and selfish is unbridled capitalism – basic greed, that it has no limits, no morals, no ethics, and no end. Like a greedy parasite that devours its host, this time it may have over-reached itself. Or it could just be that it has evolved into an entirely different species.

We may be suspicious of our neighbours, of our governments, we may be uncertain about who we can trust; perhaps this is a sign of the times. This may be understandable with sales of our water supplies to foreign companies, ( such as Bristol Water to a Canadian Company,), of our NHS ( as the Daily Mirror reports of Peers making decisions who have vested interests); while even our food is at risk, and there have been plans to remove labelling and ban organic farming and natural health remedies. Much of this has been challenged and with some success. Pharmaceutical companies have huge profits, have political influence through secret Think Tanks, and are corrupt and powerful. Groups speak out, but we must ensure they are heard, and not ridiculed. Democracy in a globalised world is a sham – our politicians have little real power any more, as neoliberalism over the last 30 years or so has shifted power to the few, and we now live in a plutonomy.

Plutonomy refers to a society where the majority of the wealth is controlled by an ever-shrinking minority; as such, the economic growth of that society becomes dependent on the fortunes of that same wealthy minority.

Profits can be derived from our homes, our clothing, our transport, our energy, our water, our food, our health, our bodies, and ultimately life itself.

Codex Alimentarius – a review

Ian R Crane presented the evidence for this in a DVD in 2007, which is presented here: Much of what he says is so awful and beyond belief, and yet there is a ring of truth which should ring the alarm bells. Power is a plutonomy held in the hands of a few. To these few, no-one, and nothing else matters. It is reminiscent of Germany in the 1930s. Is fascism so very far away?

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Codex Alimentarius Lecture by Ian R. Crane – Part 1

“Every time a shaman dies, it is as if a library burns down”

Knowledge which has been handed down for millennia is being destroyed by the pharmaceutical industry which is about eighty years old.” Control the food and you control the people.”

Codex Alimentarius Lecture by Ian R. Crane – Part 2

“Globalisation is definitely a key aspect of The New World Order. Most people have no concept about what is coming. The powers that be don’t want you to know.”

“The Governor of a state in the US has more autonomy than the PM of any European state. The North American Union is predicted to follow the collapse of the dollars which began at the onset of the Bush administration. This will boost the US military, and lead towards a North American Army.”

Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” even mentions using pharmaceuticals to control soldiers … unbelievably states..

“Future soldiers may operate in encapsulated climate-controlled power fighting suits, laced with sensors and boasting chameleon ” active ” camouflage. “Skin patch” chemicals will help regulate fears, focus concentration and enhance endurance and strength.”

Codex Alimentarius Lecture by Ian R. Crane – Part 3

“If a nation is in serious debt, then you have them under control. The EU were fined for rejecting hormone infecting beef.”

Nationalisation will be illegal in future elections.

Refer here to

Think Left’s Elephant in the Room

The World Trade Organisation under control of United Nations.

Codex Alimentarius Lecture by Ian R. Crane – Part 4

Perhaps there is some evidence that the British people are waking up, albeit slowly to the injustices of the Third World Order. The Third World order looks to control:

  • The Economy
  • Religion
  • Population Size
“The First Global Revolution, a global Think Tank in 1991 said:
In searching for a new enemy to unite us , we come up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming , water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.” (On population control)
All these dangers are caused by human intervention.
The real enemy then, is humanity itself.
Since this video was produced, recent evidence shows us that Peak Oil is much nearer than referred to as Jeremy speaks of here: Jeremy Leggett.
Dr Eric R Pianka, a top Scientist, of the University of Texas
gave a speech in 2006 in which he advocated the need to exterminate 90% of the population through an airborne ebola virus. Dr Eric R Pianka’s comments were greeted with a standing ovation and underscored the elite’s agenda for population control. It is reported that the intention is to maintain a population off less than 500 million people, ( echoes of Mein Kampf here).

Control of the population can be achieved by:

  • Dumbing down – there are so many channels, how many never watch current affairs programmes?
  • BBC  selective ‘ reporting’ . Bad news is easily buried, not reported. Recent ‘reforms of the NHS’ were barely reported, as other events took priority for the headlines.
  • Consider the impact of food. There has been a dire deterioration in food quality. There is clear evidence that food can affect behaviour. The US passed a law which can allow use of cloned food. Now there are moves to remove labels from food. How will we know if food contents are affecting our behaviour?
  • Drugs are often prescribed to modify behaviour, which in many cases may be caused by the food additives. Ritalin has been widely used with children, 10% of children being diagnosed with ADHD, and many have been given Ritalin which induces zombie like behaviour. A perfect way to control a population, to remove spirit and ensure control. More power ( and profit to the pharmaceutical industry).

Codex Alimentarius Lecture by Ian R. Crane – Part 6

So , while the Daily Mail criticises and cries that we are a nation ” addicted to pills”, it fails to point out that Pharma needs that addiction. Every new baby born is regarded as a source of revenue. They have no compassion; profit is all. People do not matter at all. Codex consists of 27 committees which look at food gains, but the main two are:

1) The Committee for Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses


2) Food Labelling

The intention is to move away, gradually, little by little, almost imperceptibly from the population having choice and access to organic food and complementary, natural healthcare. That it is gradual gives the possibility that it is not too late , that big Pharma, may be yet stopped in its tracks, that David may yet fell Goliath – people awakened to facts have power beyond their realisation.

“Codex is the political equivalent of the current toxicology manuals, because it endorses and promotes for international trade and consumption in the whole , wide world everything from pesticides to irradiation, genetically engineered foods, and synthetic analogs for drugs and nutrients, in preference to bio-compatible natural substances.”

Codex serves the economics of Big Pharma. The WTO will implement Codex using Napoleonic Law. In the UK, since Magna Carta, Common Law prevails which states that unless something is banned it is permissible. Napoleonic Law states the reverse, that is that unless it is specifically mentioned it would be banned. The intention is to make the testing process so outrageously expensive that only those products from the pharmaceutical companies are approved.

All current privatisation in UK, Germany and France has been initiated by EU directives passed down the chain.

Codex Alimentarius Lecture by Ian R. Crane – Part 7




  • International Global Harmonisation
  • Abolition of Organic Farming ( through abolition of labelling)
  • Introduction of GM Food and Livestock
  • Removal of all Ingredients Labelling
  • Restriction of All Natural remedies
The Natural Solutions Foundations commented:
“Codex Allimentarius is the shrewd vehicle for protecting the pharmaceutical industry.
The industry has decided upon an unethical course of action by using deception and deceipt in the quest to eliminate natural health products completely.”
We should be concerned also, that the National Association of Health Food Stores have been targeted by the pharmaceutical industry and shown how much greater their profits would be by selling synthetics over natural products.

Codex Alimentarius Lecture by Ian R. Crane – Part 8

Codex Alimentarius Lecture by Ian R. Crane – Part 9 of 9

Our destiny in our hands

We must call upon the integrity and the honesty of our politicians. We must ask them not to allow this secrecy, these injustices, not to accept this plutonomy. There are signs that the people are awakening politically, demonstrating – occupying Wall Street and the Stock exchange, for example. The people are more aware than the politicians believe. The party which demonstrates courage to stand up against the plutocracy, will be the party for the people.

We must all stand up against these powers, we are greater in numbers. The basics for survival for all species on this planet should not open to corruption and abuse. Food and shelter, energy, clean air and water and safe and sufficient supplies of food should not be able to be owned and controlled by some unknown person/s on the other side of The Atlantic Ocean. These utlities should be owned and controlled democratically, and an incoming socialist Labour government, must ensure that the rightful and democratic transfer of ownership to the electorate is brought about.

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Credits:Penywise and Roughcollie

11 thoughts on “The human body – a source of profit.

  1. ‘We should be concerned also, that the National Association of Health Food Stores have been targeted by the pharmaceutical industry and shown how much greater their profits would be by selling synthetics over natural products.’

    Chilling stuff and reminiscent of the Soylent Green biscuits! Excellent review and reminds me of the government advisor who replied to John Kampfer’s question “Oh no. Much less than that!’

    The question was ” How much of government action do journalists actually manage to find out? 10%?”


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  8. “We must call upon the integrity and the honesty of our politicians.” They would be the ones who just sold off the NHS? We’re all dead.


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